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Lindsey - June 13

For the past 2 hours I have been having backache and uterus tightening every 10 minutes, sometimes this is accompanied with menstrual pains, sometimes not. I've had a flase alarm before, so I want to be sure before contacting mymidwife. I also have some discharge, the only thing that makes me think that this isn't the real thing is that it doesn't seem to last long - i thought contractions lasted about 2-3 minutes. I'm 40w2d today so I'm overdue


Been There - June 13

They say to test it, you should get up and do something a little vigorous. If the symptoms stop, then it's false. But if they increase or become more intense, then you're in labor. Since you're in the right time period, you could possibly just be in early labor. Can you take a quick walk around the block? Having taken a walk with my first child that really sent my labor into overdrive, I strongly suggest it. Walking around inside the house does not have the same affect. I'm pretty sure you'll get your answer. Oh, and contractions can start lasting much less than 2-3 minutes. This could be it!


Jenn2 - June 13

Lindsey- Sounds like something could be starting for you. I have never been in labor before, so I cant say for sure. If they start getting closer together.....I would say this is it for you!!! GOOD LUCK!! let me know what happens.


angelbebe - June 13

Hi Lindsey-the only way to really know is to get checked to see if you are progressing. I had been having what you are experiencing for a few days fact, they really weren't getting longer or closer together but I decided to get checked anyways, because of the quality of the contractions...crampy like menstrual cramps. Anyways, when she checked, I was 4-5 cm and definitely starting active labor! The backache is a good sign too. You are definitely in early labor or first stage labor either way. You are so close! Good luck!!


Traci76 - June 13

Keep us updated if you can!! I like the walk idea!


Lindsey - June 14

I've updated the mommie2b-jenn2 thread but i thought i should do this one aswell. My waters broke at 2am (UK time) this morning which was 4 hours ago. I'm at home waiting for the contractions ot become every 3-5 mins apar. I went to hospital but opted to go home as i'm only 10 mins from hospital. So there you go my little one should be arriving very soon. I'll be back to post my birth story soon.


Nora1 - June 14

Lindsey, that's great! Can't wait to hear your story. Good luck!!!


miraclebaby - June 14

Lindsay, good luck to you :) :) :)


Nita_ - June 14

wow! good luck lindsey! Can't wait to hear your birth story!


Traci76 - June 14

Yah, that's awesome!!



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