Labour Signs

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Anathi - November 6

I'm kind of confused and curious as to how do you now that now I'm in labour , latelty I just cant sleep and last w/end I was nesting plus my feel are swollen now not until I elevate them and am feeling my lo's head down there!


jenna32 - November 8

bloody show ( blood tinged mucus plug coming out from down there,although it can happen earlier),water breaking( like a constant flow like pee,it should be noticeable that you aren't actually peeing!),strong pms cramps,from what i gather those are the big signs you're in labor.


lil-miss-saunders - November 8

ive been experiencing the same sort of symtoms as you Anathi, ive also had a lot of period type cramps for the past few weeks and they are getting worse. I havent yet had a bloody show or my waters break yet. I hope everything goes well for you x


josie4 - November 8

The day before I went into labor I lost my mucous plug all day, nested like crazy, and my baby dropped lower than he ever had been creating a lot of cervical pain.


Anathi - November 12

Thanx ladies, last friday I had this weird pains, my lower back had this mild pain (not too mild but better than the pain in my stomach my stomach was all tight up to my pelvic bone and I was sure that I was on labour I felt these strong cramps and could not stand straight up and also felt there sharp shooting pain on my uterus I cant really explain this but ther was not mucus what so ever I was just dry When I pee it hurt as if something was goig to go out I really dont know but this Thursday will be visiting my Dr just incase there is something serious about it !Could these be some sings


DaBonkElsMe - November 12

I am feeling the same way, in fact I almost posted a similar question until I saw this. I started having strong cramps last night and still had some this morning. Sometimes I can tell that I am having a contraction, but other times it just feels like cramps. I've been nesting too, and last night I had diarrhea which I have read is a sign of labor in the next 24 - 48 hours! Of course I am sure it could also just be diarrhea, right? Also my b___sts are very sore and my left b___st was leaking in the night! YUK! Not to mention increased discharge! I packed my bag la__st night and charged the camera just in case, but I am still so early - just 36 weeks today! I want to meet my baby of course, but I also wanted to get through Thanksgiving first! I'm at work now, and I feel OK, no cramps currently, but I am on edge! I hope I can relax! And just like you anathi, I hope Irealize I am in labor when it starts!


DaBonkElsMe - November 12

by the way, not everyone has their waters break before active labor, and not everyone has an early bloody show, so don't count on those things alone.


Erins Mom - November 12

DaBonks, just relax. Trust me when you are in full labor, you will definitely know. No questions. It's just early labor that can confuse some people, but the real thing, you'll just know. If it makes you feel any better I had Erin at 36 and 1/2 weeks and she did great. 8lbs. 4oz. No problems whatsoever and came right home with me. Plans have a way of changing when there's a baby, but people are very understanding. It's frustrating, I know, but I hang in there. ((Hugs)).


DaBonkElsMe - November 12

Thanks Erin's mom. It's just the constant "is this it?" questioning that's getting to me. I am flexible though, and I know once my littl guy is here, I will care less about the other plans i have! I am more relaxed now, no contractions, and work is a nice distraction. I have a doctor's appointment today, so i will get a chance to talk to my doctor and hear if she thinks I have a chance of going early, or if I will last until the end!


Anathi - November 13

DaBonkElsMe, I've been having braxton hicks throuhout the day but are painless. You know when I sit in the loo it stills feels like my lo's headis pushing to come out (the pressure is too much) I'm kind of scared he/she could come out and am only 33weeks, I supposed its still too earlybut I'm so looking forwad to seeing him/her. My belly is low than before such that when I sit I need to open my leg or it hurts as if I'm squashing up something, He/she is growing big each dayas far as I see


DaBonkElsMe - November 13

Anathi, I know the feeling - like he's just going to push his way out! But that's not possible so no reason to worry about that! I do feel that pressure dwon low though. I was hoping my Dr would check for effacement and dialation at my appt yesterday, but she didn't. She said that pressure was normal at this stage and all my other "signs" too. She said it could be early, but it could also still be weeks away! Unfortunately there really is no accurate predictor, we all just have to wait and see! I had some cramping again last night - I seem to get that mostly at night - but now I feel fine again. I'll keep ya posted!


Anathi - November 14

Thanx I really needed tohear that otherwise I'll be seeing my Dr tomorrow and keep u posted. Y/day I went shopping while DH was on gym, flip the bh were killing me every 10min I felt them I did'nt know that they could be so frequent lol its normall ur Dr said Went to Jet kidds for one or two things went throught the stuff and left without anything, my problem is with the colour hence I dont know what I'm carrying , I could not find anything nice and white or cream. Wow on my way back on the car I was just cramps and my lower back was killing me. The worst part is 30Nov we're moving to around town but I dont have energy now I don't know by than if how I will be feeling like. Hell and I still have 3 weeks before I go on leave.



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