Lack Of Braxton Hicks Contractions

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CEM - edd 6/26/05 - June 4

i'm due to have my third baby in less than 3 weeks, and still haven't had one single braxton-hicks contraction. come to think of it, i don't think i've had them with the other 2 either. is this normal? or could it be that i'm just not noticing them?


Maddie - June 4

CEM...I am the same way. My due date is 6/15 and I went in to my 38 week check, and found out I had already dilated to 1-2cm, and my cervix is thinning considerably, the baby is also dropping and is at station -2. My doctor said most women would have already called thinking they were in labor, but I didn't find the cramps enough to think anything of. I also, can't tell if I'm having braxton-hix contractions. I'm kind of worried that I won't know if I'm having contractions or just cramps. Hopefully my water will break, then I'll know to go to the hospital. How much have you dilated so far?


KH - June 4

I didn't really feel bh contractions with my first. Maddie, you will know when you're having contractions. I thought the same thing and believe me, you'll know. Your stomach will tighten up and you get menstrual-like cramping :)


Jbear - June 5

I never had a contraction during my first pregnancy. I've had braxton-hicks since my 18th week during my second pregnancy, and I actually didn't know what it was the first time I felt it.


CEM - edd 6/26/05 - June 6

hi everyone - thanks for your help. maddie, i have my next midwife appointment on the 13th of june, so i don't know how much i've dilated - if at all. i still think it's really weird that i haven't felt a single thing ever. not even a cramp. mind you, i never get cramps even when i am menstruating. so maybe this is "normal" for me?


BBK - June 6

It's not unusual to have but not to actually not feel braxton-hicks if this is your first pregnancy.


Colleen - June 8

some people don't get Braxton-Hicks..they are simply your body practicing for will know the difference whne you feel your entire stomach get tight like your forehead and they typically start tightening at the top of your belly and "push down" ending with a tight feeling at the bottom (just like how you rub your belly when you are tired) or you could be so busy chasing around two other munchkins to feel them. if you feel concerned about them lay on your left side and drink water if they go away they were BH if not you are probably in labor. real contractions stick around no matter what position you are in BH will go away if you change position, or slow down you activty level...they can also be a sign that you are dehydrated. hope this helps



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