Lack Of Contractions

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HeavenisMine - October 16

Hello h__lo!...I was just wondering if it's normal not to have BH contractions during the day, the most I have gotten is maybe one, yesterday and not a single one today or the day before. I thought I was supposed to get more of them as my pregnancy drew to a close. I am only a little over 35 weeks, I know labor is a ways away, but I have no signs whatsoever that it is getting closer....and that concerns me, I don't want this pregnancy to go over my due date, but I have a feeling it probably will. Can any one relate or shed light?


Pearl - October 16

Is it possible that you are getting busy and not noticing them?....Or maybe just not feeling a lot of them because they aren't strong enough yet?...


HeavenisMine - October 16

That is a possibility, but it is strange because just two weeks ago they were stronger than ever. Also I have GD and am ready to kiss that goodbye :)


wantanotheraftertr - October 16

I never felt bh with any of my pregnancies. So I don't expect to this time either. I was always in labor when I started feeling them Makes it easier to tell when to go to the hospital. I had 1 3days early 1 6 days early and the middle one was 2 days late so all very close to their date. Hope this makes you feel better bh deffinatly don't mean an early labor or that you'll go late!


HeavenisMine - October 16

That is a relief to hear, I have been reading stories about girls with no labor signs always going over their due dates. I have been dry down there too lately, so that doesn't fill me with confidence either. I am so uncomfortable already, I cannot imagine how I would be over 40 weeks.


Mrs.Steve - October 16

I've apparently been having some that I don't feel. At my NST yesterday ( I'm 37 weeks), the nurse goes "Are you aware that you're having a contraction?" I had no clue. So it's definately possible to be having them and not feeling them. I wish the real thing would come, though...sheesh.


Mrs.Steve - October 16

Plus, when my mom had my little brother (back in 1980), she had no idea she was in labor. By the time she started having contractions (or rather, feeling them), she was already 6cms. And he was 11 days before his due date.


HeavenisMine - October 16

I'd be afraid if I didn't know I was in labor! Thank you though for rea__suring me, I am still pretty sure my girl won't arrive until after her due date. Everyone else says differently, but oh well. By the way congratulations on your scheduled induction, I am dying of jealousy!


beeniestar - October 16

I'm almost 38 weeks and I have only felt BH contractions once or twice... so I'm in the same boat as you. I hope I don't go over my due date too!!!


HeavenisMine - October 16

I've pretty much chalked it up to, enjoying myself while I am pregnant. I guess our babies will just arrive when they are ready, it is no longer about us or our timing anymore :) So true..I hope your labor starts soon though. I am just excited about meeting her. If I had to wait another two and a half weeks or so I would be okay with that, even three weeks or four, but no way am I going to be content with six or seven. I probably just jinxed myself.


alirenee86 - October 16

I"m 36 weeks and have felt them maybe two or three times. I wouldn't stress it. I don't think you're supposed to feel it that often. I don' t know. Everybody's different but as 'heavenismine' said, I'd just enjoy your pregancy and the fact that you're not so uncomfortable.


Tink - October 16

i am 37 weeks and the ONLY time i have felt a contraction was when i had the stomach flu last weekend. i was so violently throwing up, that i think it set them off. they were not regular, but i think they were more than BH- they were really painful, radiated from the back to the sides to the front with sharp pain for 10-15 seconds minimum. they went away the next day after the stomach bug pa__sed. i haven't had anything before that or after that since. if i am having any kind of contraction- BH or not, i don't feel them. i am not too worried about it.


Tan - October 17

how in the world do BH contractions feel like??? i dont know if i have them or not... i'll be 34 weeks tomorrow.


Mariefe - October 17

I am currently 36.4weeks having a breech baby position so far. I feel a lot of BH and strong baby movements day and night this week. I feel a lot of tighthining in my stomach that goes away after a while. Sometimes i can see bumps forming suddenly in my tummy then it goes away (i dont know which part of the baby it is sticking!!). My doctor called me today and told her all these feelings.. she said thats very good sign that the baby is moving. BH is also normal as it is exercising your body for labour that is soon to come.


alirenee86 - October 17

BH contractions feel like a pretty uncomfortable tightening of your uterus and stomach. Very tight. Wasn't at all painful to me when I felt it, just very uncomfortable.


HeavenisMine - October 17

Tink, so sorry to hear about the flu, that is the worst to me, I hate stomach flus...ech! I had one contraction yesterday I am so proud, :)


Tink - October 17

i hear BH just feel like a tightening- again not painful like others said. i get that sometimes, but it lasts longer than a few minutes. my stomach is rock hard a lot of the time (i am all baby). but when i had the stomach flu last week, i am certain i was having real contractions- because they were painful enough that i couldn't talk through them, move or stand. but they were not regular, so they were just preterm/false labor type contractions. haven't felt anything else before that or since. but i know BH are good things- it's great practice for labor- your body preparing



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