Lack Of Movement Pleaseanswer

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Ashley - July 10

I wanted to write this int he 3rd trimester because you all have alreadypassed this stage. I am 18weekspregnant and been feeling my daughter move regularly the past few days and then today,NOTHINg. Nothing at all, no movement. Could she just be in aweirdposition? Did you feel constant movement at thistime? Thank you!


Staci - July 10

in my humble opinion, there are days in the second trimester that you dont feel anything because the baby turns around. If youre truly worried, go to the obgyn for a heartbeat test.... but it is probably just that the baby moved.. in the third trimester, you should feel the baby every day, but in the second, not as definite. Try to lie down really quietly and see if maybe she is moving gently. Try to drink fruit juice or some soda first to wake her up a bit. Good luck, and dont panic yet.


Amy - July 10

Hi, you don't feel regular movement and kicks until around 32 weeks of pregnancy. So, I think it is normal. Don't worry. Good luck


k - July 10

I had days like that also.


miranda - July 10

don't worry, lots of moms don't even feel their babies that early. You won't feel constant movement for a few weeks. Completely normal.


cajun01 - July 11

I first felt my baby move around 19 weeks, just once, and then not again until week 21. So just wait for a bit or talk to your doc if you're still worried.


Ashley - July 11

Thanks guys!! So much!!!!


Heather - July 11

Im 32 weeks and i still dont feel constant movement. dont worry about it yet they say not to do kick counts til 28 weeks


L - July 11

I had days like that to.. Id freak out every time....this is my first...What I would do is drink a big gla__s of orange juice and lay down in a quiet room and sometimes that would get her going...but sometimes I still felt nothing...hope everything goes okay for you...Good Luck:)


Ashley - July 11

Thanks guys! I ended up feeling her move today...after eating a sucker, guess she was sleepy :) heh Thanks again! Good luck with your babies!


Cam - July 12

I started feeling flutters at 17weeks not full movements. It wasn't until around 22-25 weeks that I could count on clockwork movements. Don't worry your okay!


Tracie - July 12

I found in my 2nd trimester that if I was really active, then I wouldn't feel my baby's movements. I never went a day without feeling anything though. I would call your doctor to be sure.



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