Lactating At 25 Weeks

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Katharine - April 14

Ugh! I started "leaking" today. Last time, it seemed like it didn't start until I was about 7 months pregnant. Is anyone else having leakage problems this early? I don't suppose there is anything I can do, other than use pads to keep from soaking through my shirt? My four-year-old is joking that I am "squirting" her and my husband is calling me "Leaky". Help!


Allison - April 15

Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything you can do. I started leaking early with my first pregnancy. I haven't leaked significantly enough during this pregnancy to warrant the use of pads.


Jenny - April 15

No need for help. Leaking is a positive sign that your body is getting prepared for can be uncomfortable but at least you can brag that you have a nice pair of b___bs that can and will feed your baby. Some women are incapable of that so enjoy this luxury and keep on leaking girl!


Corrina - April 17

stay away from warm compresses or too warm baths. This causes it to be worse.


EM - April 18

I'm also leaking but not too badly. This may gross some of you out (it does my husband) but does anyone know if it is harmful to squeeze the colostrom out? I do this because it seems to stop it from leaking uncontrollably (like emptying out a bottle!) I'm 35 weeks and don't want to kick start contractions just yet.


mai - April 22

Im also 25 weeks, and last night I started leaking. This is my first pregancy and I started to freak out!! I think the first time leaked was about 2 weeks ago but i just thought my husband had drooled on me. so yeps, youre not alone.


Mariam - April 26

Hi katherine, I began leaking at 23 weeks. But, just as long as I wear a bra others can't notice.


k - April 28

I am on my first pregnancy and started leaking around 17 weeks. I guess it is no big deal. At first I leaked a lot and often at night. Now I only leak when stimulated. I am now 38 weeks. Leaking early caused my nipples to scab from air drying and being wet. I have started using nipple cream for two weeks now. I am glad I did my nipples look so much nicer now. No little brown spots that fall off when rubbed. Just nice and pink.


Jessica - April 29

I am 8 months pregnant and started leaking about 2 months ago.. My husband calls me moo cow.


Gail - May 6

I'm only EIGHTEEN weeks, and woke up this morning to a wet t-shirt!?!?!? This is my first pregnancy, and already being quite top heavy I'm sure helps matters a little... Apparently I won't have to worry about a starving child. It'll just be a pain already having to worry about pads.


SARAH - May 7

I started leaking around 20 weeks, and developed really dry and sore nipples. Is this what I have to look forward to. What kind of cream is best? Does it really work?


Lorraine - June 18

I started lactating at 20 weeks, anytime my best friends new born cried when i was there. I ended up having to leave. What I ended up having to do is put ice packs on my b___sts which stopped the leaking and the b___st pads.


Kara - June 20

I started producing colostrum at 18 weeks, and to EM, i sometimes express a bit too just in shower by hand, doctor said it's not harmful, and my hospitals information sheet actually suggest expressing alittle from 36 weeks to prepare your b___sts and nipples. so if it help the leakage problem, go for it.


atasha - July 24

yes Iam leaking and only 25 weeks


Danielle - July 24

My best advice is b___st pads. It is about all you can do. I started leaking at 14 weeks and still leaking a lot at 33.


kelly - July 27

I started leaking last night. I thought that I had leaned up against something that made my t-shirt wet but that wasn't it at all. This morning the other side was all wet too. I am just starting my 3rd trimester. Does anyone know if this means an early birth?


ZEENIE - September 24




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