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BklynMama - February 6

Im 35wks & 5days. I want to get my hospital bag packed. I have another child & when i go into labor we will have to drop her off w/ family. her dad will keep her during the night since he cant stay with me in the hospital. SHould I make a seperate bag on the side for my daughter just to have. So I will have bag for me, baby, & my daughter. . & im worried that i will go into labor & my daughter will be in school & my hubby will be at work & I wont be able to find anyone to watch my daughter... Seems kind of hectic & i keep thinking the worst. How did u all manage the whole labor/hospital stay as well as managing your other children?


dueinparil2007 - February 7

Just to be prepared I would pack a bag for ur daughter as well. I have 2 other kids so I know how u feel. I have my cousin that is going to pick up my kids if they are in school when I go into labor. Only thing is its real important for me to have my daughters in the room with me for the birth. But trying to juggle all this when I go in labor is probably not going to go as smooth as the vision in my to see if u have someone that can pick ur daughter up from school if need be and make sure they are on the list at her school to be able to pick her up so u don't run into any last minute problems. Good luck!!!!


MB - February 7

Hi, i am getting induced next week and am going thru the same thing, i have a 5 year old son and arranged that my friend will pick him up from school or take him as she is on his 'contact list'. I have showed her where everything is in my house for him as she will stay with him as long as my hubby is with me. Explain to them who is going to likely look after them and discuss what things they would like to put in their bag etc... Infact last night i broke down in tears to my husband because i felt 'overwhelmed' worrying about everyone else instead of myself & baby, it must of hit a note as he calmed me down and said he is in charge of everything else now and for me to just worry about me & baby - bless him. I am sure both of us will be alright as there is no going back now lol !!!


BklynMama - February 7

Thanks ladies, I have people on call to watch my daughter but it all depends on what time of day & stuff it is since everyone works at various times. My daughters school is aware of this. MB, the other day i almost broke down in tears also. Its like you want everything to go as planned but of course it never happens that way! My main concern is my daughter, because she cannot be in the delivery room with us, & I do not want her to feel left out or like she's being replaced. I explained to her that when its time for me to have the baby i will be away from her for a few days but she will come to the hospital to see us. She is very smart & mature for a 5 yr old, she said she knows & she understands, so i feel a lil tiny bit better about that.


Maggie - February 8

Hey BklynMama, are you from Brooklyn, NY or is your dd named Brooklyn? I'm from Bay Ridge thats why I ask. If you feel the need than pack your dd a bag, what could it hurt. I was worried about all the same things last year when I had my dd. My son was in kindergarten, and I was worried that I would go into labor while he was in school and it would be a big issue. Chances are you will not progress too quickly because its been 5 years since you last gave birth so it'll be like the first time for you. You could pick up your dd, bring her to the hospital and have someone pick her up there, or call the school when you go into labor and make them aware of what is happening and who will be picking her up. I was lucky enough to go into labor on superbowl Sunday, so I didn't need to worry after all. Don't stress everything will be fine!


ShaunaLeigh - February 8

omgg thats where im at now except im in a town where I know NO ONE... & have no family... prayin that i go until the end of the month when the boy's father comes up to babysit them, as we aren't together any more & he lives 3 hrs away... so yea... gonna be hectic... good luck tho


BklynMama - February 8

Maggie- yes im from Brooklyn, Canarsie area.



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