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rockwife - April 9

I know this is a stupid question but when did you start Lamaze? I'm entering into week 30 of my pregnancy and my doctor hasn't brought it up. I have a number to call, would they accept me now or would I be too early/late? Also, did Lamaze do any of you any good? Does it help at all?


stefkay - April 9

At my hospital they call them just childbirth cla__ses but my dr. told me that I needed to finish them by 36 weeks (ideally). There was an office in the hospital to go to and get the sheets to sign up. Ours are 5 week cla__ses that I go once a week. I start at the end of this month and finish up right before 36 weeks I think. I'd call the hospital or labor and delivery (or your docs office) asap and you can probably get in.


Krissy25 - April 9

If you are interested call now, like today.Those cla__ses fill up fast. i took a 6 week infant care/ lamaze cla__s (it met once a week for 3 hrs. at a time) It was pretty good and i feel i learned a lot and it probably would have been helpful if i had been in labor, but my baby was breech so i got a c-section, LOL. Oh well, but since it was at the hospital i delivered at i felt i became more familiar with the place and things like what would happen once the baby was born, how to go about having the baby room with you and the instructor brought all the forms to pre-register for everything, like being admitted, and getting an epidural. So overall it was good and i do think i benefited from the cla__ses, plus it had the infant care part so that was really helpful.


coco797 - April 14

I didn't use the breathing part, but i learned alot. And DH learned alot too. He would never read the books or anything, he liked learning what he was supposed to do in cla__s. It really helped him help me


coco797 - April 14

oh, I just realized your first question. I started cla__ses late too. probably around 30 weeks too. I don;t remember exactly



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