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mommie2be - June 17

I'm currently 32wks and start lamaze July 5th. Has anyone already been through this or are going through it? I'm excited about learning focus methods and attending with my DH - who is so excited he got a "Coach" hat and shirt! Is lamaze useful? What have been your experiences?


Nerdy Girl - June 17

I liked my Lamaze cla__s because my teacher gave a whole overview of the birth process, and not just only the Lamaze philosophy. We learned about c-sections too, and the Lamaze teacher said "It is very likely that one of you in this cla__s will end up with a c-section." I never in a million years dreamed that it would be ME! My first baby was breech. They did an external version to try to turn her, and that was the only time I got to use my Lamaze breathing. That external version was the most painful thing I had ever done!!! Because they couldn't turn the baby, I ended up needing the C. But to answer your original question, I think Lamaze is a great cla__s.


livdea - June 18

I just finished my lamaze was a crash course and to be honest, I don't think my teacher did that great of a job. I too got an over view of everything, from technology, to the birth process, hospital stuff...tons, pretty much five hours of "other stuff" which would have been fine but I'm already taking cla__ses at the hospital about all of that and it was just review for me. My teacher talked about Lamaze for honestly maybe 10-15 minutes total. I learned two breathing techniques and I still don't really know how to use them. I'm trying to practice but it's tough! My mom was expecting more too, the cla__s she took years ago really focused on Lamaze and how it helps and how to release tension and things like that. I'm glad I took the cla__s but I don't know how much it's going to really help me. Which I'm bummed about! Don't be affraid to ask your teacher questions regaurding Lamaze and don't think just cause I had a not so great experience you will too! I think it's a great method and I'm glad I get to try it, just wish I would have had more instruction on how to do it! Good Luck! Oh and I think it's way cute your hubby got a "Coach" shirt! LOL!


Tanna - June 18

I went to lamaze before my son was born in 2000. Overall it was a good cla__s, and it helped me through the first nine hours of my labor with him. After that I got the epi.



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