Lamaze Classes

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Jackie - October 24

I waited far too long to register for lamaze and now all classes are full :( I am 34 weks and starting to get scared about labor etc. Does anyone know if lamaze really helps? Was it useful or a waste of time?


melissa - October 24

jackie, i am in your boat. our schedule didn't coincide with the cla__s schedule. i am 35 weeks. i've been wondering the same thing. i've been told to check out the library for videos/resources,etc.


jackie - October 24

Ok I am not the only one...some people have been making me feel like such a bad mother for this!


kr - October 24

You might feel more at ease if you have a hospital tour and birth plan. Your doc going over what to expect step by step with you and your partner should make you feel more prepared.


Christy - October 24

Our hospital did not offer Lamaze, but rather a general childbirth education cla__s, which I thought was useful. They covered relaxation techniques, taught various positions in which to labor, discussed stages of labor and delivery, post-partum care, bringing baby home, changing diapers, etc. I liked how it covered a variety of topics and discussed both natural childbirth techniques as well as epidurals and pain meds. It was a two-day weekend cla__s. I think that the cla__ses that focus soley on Lamaze don't discuss the other stuff as much, but I can't say for sure since I did not go to a Lamaze cla__s. Our childbirth educator said that Bradley is great for moms who are really devoted to doing natural childbirth, so that might somehting else you want to look into, if natural is the way you want to go. At this point, I'd call your community center, friends/acquaintences with babies, and hospital to see what other childbirth ed cla__ses are available. Also, I know some nurses teach private Lamaze/Bradley/general childbirth ed cla__ses at your home, so maybe you can ask around about that. If you don't have any luck getting into a course or having someone come to the house, I still think you'll be okay. Just get some videos and books from the library so you know what to expect. The staff at the hospital will be there to coach and help you through the process in any case. Good luck!



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