Larger Than Average Baby

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mandee25 - September 5

I am 29 weeks now and the doc has already told me I am having a larger than average baby which kinda scares me. What causes some women to have big babies and others to have average size babies? Is it what we eat? I was tested for GD and it was negative but I am measuring 3 weeks ahead and it kinda freaks me out. My doc said to not worry because she would rather see progress than none. Anyone else out there having larger babies?


venus_in_scorpio - September 5

how big is s/he, did they take a guess? when i was 28 weeks they said my baby was already 3lb2oz... i am sure it will be OK... maybe your baby just had a growth spurt a little early and s/he will be perfectly average... babies all grow at different times ya know?


Kim L - September 5

I hate it when doctors say things like this and get moms all nervous. They have absolutely NO WAY of knowing how big your baby is now or is going to be when you deliver. Even ultrasound, the most effective form of measurement they have, can only guess and is often off by up to 2 pounds either way. Venus is right that babies go through growth spurts and then slow down. I was measuring 3 weeks "behind" until my last appointment, and now all of the sudden I'm right on track. How much amniotic fluid you are carrying also influences the measurement, so if you have more than the average lady, you will measure a bit bigger. Don't worry!!!


tryingx3 - September 5

I agree with Kim - I measured as much as 4 wks ahead around 25 wks and stayed ahead until wk 35. Now she has been right on track for the past 2 wks (36 & 37). U/S did put her above average, but average is what 7 lbs 8 many 8 and 9 lb babies do you know about being born? A lot!! We can do it!!! :-)


Erynn21 - September 5

Did they give you an u/s? Women hear that all the time and then they have normal babies. I have measured 1.5wks ahead the whole time and now I am 4days late, so I really take all that with a grain of sand. My mom keeps asking what the baby's weight is and I don't know, I'm full term so she could be 7lbs.or 9, I think my mom got worried because I measured ahead. My neighbor just had her son and she was told she measured 3wks ahead and he was about 7lbs. So maybe it's true and maybe it's not, even with an u/s they can be off by a lb either way. My SIL is 5ft and kinda stoky, but all of her kids weighed over 9lbs at birth, I don't think it's what she ate. Also my grandma when she had my uncle weighed like 100lb and my uncle was 9lbs, and I know she ate pretty badly because they were poor. So I guess some women have big babies other don't it's just a weird game nature plays.


sahmof3 - September 5

I agree with Erynn. I think it's just a random thing. I lost weight with all of my pregnancies- ended up lighter at 9 months than before I was pregnant and my babies weighed 9 5, 8 3 and 10 6. I didn't have GD either...


venus_in_scorpio - September 5

ive heard its hard for them to predict how big the baby wil be also... even from the ultrasound. some of these doctors and midwives really put their feet in their mouths... eesh!


lin7604 - September 5

MY dr said the same thing to me as well. I have been measuring 4cm large ever since 22 weeks and i was told by one dr that i will have a 9lb baby and anopther told me that i won't have a 9lb baby but he will be large then average. I asked what average is now a days and she told me 7.5 lbs to 8 lbs. I also was told when i had my 3d ultrasound that i had a lot of fuild, so i hope that is the only reason why i am measuring larger.


mandee25 - September 7

Erynn21, I haven't had an u/s since week 21. My doc just measured my fundus and said I will have a larger than average baby but I think it would be hard to estimate that especially as early as this. As long as he or she is healthy and thriving I will be glad though, large or not. Good luck girls!


knippy - December 22

Ultra sounds are pretty accurate at guessing the length of the baby. At my 2nd ultra sound they measured all the little bones. My baby has measured big for their age 3 times now. I am a tall person, and so is the dad. I am not huge or anything, but as a child I was bigger than average, so I think they are right. Maybe there not as accurate at guessing weight, but I think there pretty accurate at guessing length.



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