Last Monday At Work Is Over

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JennyC - February 27

yay! my last Monday at work is over. I'll work through Friday, but it all seems easy now that I got Monday off. Then, I become a SAHM when the baby decides to come, which kind of sounds scarier than going to work everyday. Not sure what to expect, but I'm excited to try. Anyway, just had to share my excitement. Have a great week, everyone


redhead mary - February 27

CONGRATS!!! i am going to be a SAHM too!!! but i have had some practice already.. i took off uh almost 4 years with my son.... just long enough to get settled back at work and..get pregnant again...LOL...Hope you have a great last day!!! Yayyy for SAHM's!!!!!!!


rk - February 27

Congrats JennyC! I'll be a SAHM too!


Mary - February 28

Congratulations JennyC! I'll be a SAHM as well. We'll all be able to keep in contact on the infant care forum thorought the day.


^lucy^ - February 28

hiiii wow JennyC ur lucky its gonna be soon for u.. im gonna be a SAHM too but still have sometime till baby arrives.. im almost 28 weeks :) enjoy ur time getting ready for the baby :)


BabyGirl - February 28

JennyC -> CONGRATS! Advice to you tho... Enjoy being able to go to work right now , i have been gone from work for a few weeks now and im bored and lonely sitting by myself with my 18 month old all day waiting for DH to get home from work. I know i wont be that way when the new baby comes because im pretty sure i wont have any time to feel those feelings lol . Its just the time goes by slower! It helps if you have a couple friends that can stop by and see you though . Have a happy and safe pregnancy and delivary! :-)


Kel - February 28

Lucky, I am so jealous! I'll be working until I can and then will be back to work after about 12 weeks or so.


JennyC - February 28

thanks for the well wishes and advice! I'm sure I'll stay on here until she's born and then at the infant care forum afterwards too. Its so helpful to be in contact with supportive people who know what you are going through. Have a great day!


Kel - February 28

Yes, JennyC - please keep up posted and in touch! Only 5 more weeks to go for me. I had an ultrasound yesterday and my baby is breech. I know she still has time to move, but who knows maybe I will be meeting her sooner rather than later!



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