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Cevvin - January 14

Im currently 31 weeks along and have been reading that women have another ultrasound before they are done. I thought the 20 week one was the last. Who has had another after the 20 week?


babyonboard16 - January 14

well my doc is having me get one at 30 weeks im not in my third trimester but im almost there


SaraH - January 14

It's really more normal just to have one at 20w's and sometimes one during the 1st trimester. So, if you're doc isn't having one later on I wouldn't worry. I think that it's much more the norm not to have one in the 3rd trimester then to have one.


NICOLE - January 14

i have had one at 20 weeks, 28 weeks and will have one next week at 37 weeks.


DDT - January 14

I had a u/s done at 19wks...I had also heard of some women getting a 2nd one in the last few wks of the pregnany. I asked my doctor at my 33wks checkup and she said that I won't be getting one because there have been no problems during my pregnancy and my baby is measuring at an average size.


Tammy276 - January 14

doctors will sometimes do another one around 36weeks to check the weight of the baby, if they think you may have a larger baby....sometimes if woman are diagnosed w/ GD, they will do another u/s, but it is not the norm to have a second one done.. Most woman only get the one around 20 weeks unless there is a reason to do another one. Some doctors will do a second one if one of the measurements was off during the first just really depends..


SistaC - January 15

Hi Cevvin. I had one at 32 weeks, but only because I was measuring substantially larger than my dates. I'm in Australia, and, certainly in the city where I live, the std practice is to have one at 12 weeks (if over 35 yrs) and then a second and last one at 20 weeks.


firedoor05 - January 15

My last one was around week 25... I definitely would have liked to have had one in my last trimester just for rea__surance..but never did


Bailey2786 - January 15

I don't think it is abnormal to get one in the 3rd trimester.. nor normal.. I just think its something some doctors do adn some doctors don't do... I got one at 35 weeks... but my doc gives everyone an ultra sound in the third trimester to see the babys progress! Your doc just might not do it..


cindernar - January 15

I'm having one tomorrow (28 1/2 weeks), but only because there's a calcium deposit in my baby's heart. Otherwise, I would've been finished at 20 weeks.


Cevvin - January 19

thanks for all your answers :), im still holding out hope that i will get to see my baby again before she is born, but also that she is healthy, and a normal size so i can have here naturally


sahmof3 - January 20

I didn't have even a 20 week u/s with my oldest! With my dd I had a 20 week and one at 32 weeks, but only because she was measuring really big. With my youngest I had one at 17 weeks and that was it. Our OBGYN doesn't regularly do u/s besides the 20 week unless they suspect a problem.


juju - January 20

i had another at 34 or 35 weeks to give an estimated weight of baby.



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