Late Baby Shower

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Jessielouwho - December 19

By the time I have my baby shower, I'll be 36 weeks. The holiday has really made it hard for me to have it any sooner! Has anyone else had this problem?


Heather - December 19

I know the feeling! Because of the holidays, when mine rolls around I will be right between 37 and 38 weeks! Everyone is kind of worried b/c I dropped over the weekend! Everyone wonders if the baby will be there or not for it!!


Monkeyluv - December 19

I will be 36 weeks also! My due date is 2/9 and I am having mine on 1/7. At first they were planning it on 1/22, and it was suposed to be a surprise but someone thought that the date was late so they told me. The reason why it was planned so late was because the 1 of my aunts wasnt going to be in town til then... I had to put a stop to that!!! But I agree the holidays messed it up A LOT. Good Luck with that!


Beth - December 19

I will be 37 weeks at my shower! I think all the Jan/Feb moms get messed up by the holidays on this one. I tryed to get my shower changed but everyone thought "about" a month ahead of time was fine.


jessielouwho - December 19

Well, my due date is 2/25 and I'll be having mine on 1/22 because I've been so busy w/ the holiday that I haven't had a chance to register or find/rent my hall. I wanted to have it on the 15th but I won't have everything together until the 1st week of next month and I don't want to send out my invites too late. Thanks for the feedback ladies. I was beginning to kick myself in the b___t for not putting a rush on things!


Lory - December 20

I'm almost 39 weeks, and just had mine last Saturday! It was great!


jb - December 20

I already had one. But work people are throwing me one on Jan 14th. I will be 36 weeks then! Its hard b/c Im due in Feb and all the holidays are right before that month.


M..F - December 20

I just had mine last week.. Im on my 36 week this week it was fun did'nt know about it!


SaraL - December 21

With my daughter, my sister-in-law and mom planned a shower for me at 38 weeks... and there was a 'special guest' at the shower... my daughter Abby was born at 36 weeks!!! My mother-in-law and I held a shower for my sister-in-law at 37 weeks... she left for the hospital about 3 hours before the shower guests arrived and had a VERY quick delivery... those of us who stayed behind at the house to welcome shower guests got to give the news that she had just had a baby boy!


Nicole - December 21

My mom and mother-in-law are supposed to be planning my shower and it's supposed to be a "suprise". When my mom first asked me for a list of people I would like there I asked her to try to have it in early December (due Feb.14th) that way I would have the rest of Dec. and all of Jan. to get things ready and buy anything I didn't get at my shower. Well here it is Dec. 21 and no shower. I think my mom has it planned for Jan 8th or some time around there. It's going to be hard to suprise me now, I will be expecting it. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, I just hope I don't go early.



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