Late Onset Gestational Diabetes

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cindernar - February 16

I went to my regular doc yesterday because of a sinus infection and suspected UTI. Turns out I have a UTI, and I also have a ton of sugar in my urine. I just went to the OB last week, and they test my urine every week. I also had the blood test for GD about 5 weeks ago, and everything turned out fine. Is it possible that the results were skewed because I have two infections in my body? Can infection make your body go into sort of a temporary diabetic mode? I'm 33 weeks along.


Danielle19 - February 16

i had a diabetes test at 29 weeks and it was normal then i got sugar in my pee so they redid the diabetes test at 35 weeks and it was positive, so i got dianosed with GD at 35 weeks, but it could also be the infections


PaigeMeagans mommy - February 16

No telling. Better to be safe than sorry and have the test retaken. I am 31 weeks right now and on insulin with my gestational diabetes.


Tammy276 - February 16

I am 34 weeks and spill sugar at almost every appointment, but my doctor is not worried about it... I pa__sed (barely) my 1 hr. glucose test and I am not gaining a lot of weight. My doctor told me to drink a lot of water the day that I have my appointments to flush out the last appointment this week I didn't spill any, but the week before I did because I ate a box of nerds before my appointment... It is not uncommon so spill sugar once in a while when you are pregnant and it doesn't mean that you have GD.


cindernar - February 16

If Nerds are enough to push you over, then I guess donuts would be as well. I ate two chocolate-covered Krispy Kreme donuts that morning. (I know, terrible) I wondered if that could've done it. My ob called me back and said that that was normal when you have infections in your body, and that all of my other readings (blood test and urine samples at every visit) have been normal. He said not to worry. I hope he's right.



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