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Karen S - April 5

How long do you use special detergent for the baby such as dreft and all those other detergents made for babies? How old can they be when you stop using them?


Tess - April 5

Here's what I found from their website regarding your Q? Babies have sensitive skin. The Dreft formula is designed to not only help clean tough baby and toddler stains, but also rinse thoroughly, leaving clothes virtually free of residue, so clothes are soft and comfortable against your little one's skin. Dreft can be used for the first 2 years. This will vary, of course, based on your laundry habits and your child's skin type.


bean - April 5

My personal opinion is that there's no need to spend the extra on expensive "special formula" baby detergents. Don't forget, your baby will also be touching your clothes, your sheets, towels, and virtually everything in the home. That means everything would need to be washed in Dreft or whatever else. And I highly doubt our Moms used special formula when we were kids... So my advice is to purchase a "free" detergent for the whole family - such as Tide Free or All Free Clear. These detergents don't have fragrances, dyes, or perfumes so they're great for sensitive skin. If you're really worried, you can always double-rinse your baby's clothes. But from what I've heard, after a few weeks most Moms just dump baby's laundry in with the rest of the family's anyway.


lilylee1 - April 5

I have pre-washed all my baby things in Ivory Snow. It costs a little bit more than regular detergent, but you use a lot less.


Karen S - April 5

Ok thanks


Amanda R - April 5

Glad you asked this question Karen! I was thinking along the same lines as Bean. I know that with your first you wash all the baby's stuff in Dreft or another "baby-sensitive detergent". But I was also practical enough to realize that if it isn't your 1st you are probably so busy that you don't have time to wash the new baby's clothes seperately. I think that I will try to use our regular detergent first, and then if I start noticing some skin sensitivities I will switch to something "free".


MJM - April 5

Also a good fabric softner to use that is gental is the Downy sensitive, it comes in a white bottle. I only used the Dreft for about 3 mo and now regular detergent. But I still use the downy sensitive. The only thing that bothers my kids is the fabric softner. This one doesn't and it is not that spendy.



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