Lavendar And Manboobs

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goosifer101 - February 26

This made me laugh when I heard it, but I wanted to check and see if anyone else had heard this. A friend told me not to use toiletries with "lavendar" in them on boys. Apparently down the road this could lead to extra tissue development in their br___ts. Anyone else heard of anything like this???


candaceann1 - February 26

I have heard that it makes them feminine. That it reacts to somesort of hormone. I plan on using only fragrance free Aveno products on my baby.


Tammy276 - February 26

I've never heard of it before, but who knows?????


mary b - February 27

I don't think thats completely true but why don't you google this and see if there have been other studies conducted...


melpalmer7 - February 27

That was just on the news a while back!! There were three different things they mentioned. I remember lavender (because my baby lotion had it and I used it on all 3 boys!) I cant remember the others though! crazy huh?


Kristin11 - February 28

Hmm.........if that works for manb___bs, wonder ifit would enlarge womens b___st, hey muach cheaper then implants lol. Sorry some of the things that people tell you when you are prgo are so silly.


disneymommy79 - February 28

hmmmmm maybe that is what was wrong with my ex husband . ;P


Carly67 - March 1

Did anyone find any studies on this we could go to??


Sarebare - March 2

It was on a news show here in Oz. There was lavender and chamomile that caused the man b___bs over time. There was a lady with her 2 boys that had man b___bs and they were not chubby boys. The scientists seemed to agree it was caused by lavender and chamomile. I am having a boy and bought him a lavender/chamomile body wash before I saw the show. Looks like it is mine now though


goosifer101 - March 2

Goodness. I never thought this was actually real! I guess I am glad that I posted this.


SaraH - March 2

I found a couple articles and it looks like they are basing it off of a very small number of boys (3), that the "condition" of their b___st completely returned to normal after they stopped using the "products," and that it is the essential oils of lavender and tea tree that could possibly be the cause of this. The study was only done on 3 boys though (which is hardly enough to consider it proof) and I don't think we have much to worry about. These kids used products every day that contained these things, and although it may have caused their "man b___bs," their "b___bs" went back to normal shortly after they stopped using the products. So, I guess I'm not going to be overly concerned about it. After all if I have a boy I'm not going to rub lavender smelling lotion all over him every day, and if I end up using some of the "night time" or relaxing body lotions/washes they have for babies on occasion (which I don't even know if most of those do contain lavender/tea tree oils or not), I doubt it's going to hurt him, and since it appears to be completely reversible once you stop the use...I'm not going to overly worry about it. (by the way it was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 2007;356:479-485, Feb 1, 2007. and was written/researched by, Henley D. V., Lipson N., Korach K. S., Bloch C. A. if anyone wants to look it up --you do have to have a subscription or pay for articles if you get them off the web. Otherwise there is also a brief rundown of the study/results at w w w as well.


SaraH - March 2

take out the dash in the word stories, and the a-s is not part of the link. I have no idea why it dashed the word "as" but it did so ignore that.


Tammy276 - March 2

I use lavander smelling lotions on my boy, now almost 2.5, and he does not have "man b___bs"..but I do not use the products every day either...I use the night time relaxing lotion and baby bath.


Carly67 - March 2

At what age did these boys develop these manb___bs? I am having a boy and had planned on using the calming lavendar baby bedtime bath.



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