Laying On Back Safe

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Nervousmommy2b - March 7

I've read everywhere that your not supposed to sleep on your back because of the compression on an artery or nerve that supplies blood to the baby. The last couple of nights I have woken up on my back, in pain. I don't know how long I was on my pain but I woke up as soon as it started hurting. It's been happening everynite. My question is, is it harmful to my baby? Am I depriving her of adequate blood supply? I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. Thanks.


ROBYN - March 7

I read the same things as you and i always slept how ever i felt comfortable i would always start on my left side for as long as i could then move to the right and then if i needed to sleep on my back i did. Whatever worked for me my son is 2 weeks old now he has no problems whatsoever. If you wake up on your back as long as you realize it just change positions. I am sure the baby is fine.


Astra - March 7

Hi, I had a similar situation where I kept going to sleep on my side and waking up on my back. I spoke to my doc who said that as long as I was comfortable my baby would be fine and that I would feel discomfort faster than my baby. I understood what he meant when I had to lie flat for an ultrasound. Suddenly I felt flushed and nauseous, and started breathing really fast, the doctor told me to lie on my side and the symptorms dissapeared very quickly. What kind of pain are you having when you wake up?


Nervousmommy2b - March 7

Just my lowerback aches, and it makes me wake up.


fefer1 - March 7

Backaches are normal if you lay on your back, it puts a lot of pressure on your spine. It's when you feel sick that you need to get off your back - like astra said, as long as you are comfortable you aren't hurting anything but yourself. :) I go from left to right to my back all the time and I'm 27 weeks - did it the entire time with my dd as well.


Astra - March 7

Yest, I second what fefer1 said. I think just lower back pain is not really a symptom to lack of oxygen. If you start feeling really sick that' when you need to shift. I am 38.5 weeks now and I don't end up on my back anymore, I think it would make me feel sick. I think your body has very good instincts even when you sleep and you won't be sleeping on your back if you are not getting enough oxygen to your baby.


mgn - March 10

try wedging a pillow (preferably a long one) under your back while laying on your side. it helped me to stop waking up on my back. i would get sick on my back and it would wake me up. a sure sign that something is not right. everyone is different b/c my friend slept on her belly up until she almost delivered! i cannot even imagine that. best of luck



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