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hayley817 - November 7

hi i know this may sound silly but im 35 weeks and i think my waters are leaking, is there anyway i can tell like pain etc?? many thanks in advance


emfine99 - November 7

I've been having this trouble for quite a while with a little leaking here and there, the dr said it's normal but if it is a lot of leaking (like you peed your pants) then you should go to the dr because you could be leaking too much amniotic fluid.


hayley817 - November 7

thanks em just unsure lol i know its not a big amount but still its worrying when it starts happening thats if it is thanks anyway x


emfine99 - November 7

yeah I was worried too and they told me that if it has a color to it like maybe blood or something then you should call or go in to the dr. They said just a little leaking is normal. I worry about EVERYTHING, trust me! lol


Buffi R. - November 7

During my prenatal cla__s, the nurse said they get women in L&D all the time thinking their water broke, or was leaking, and 50% of the time it's just urine. But if it gets worse, it's good to check it out because you don't want to walk around for days with a partially torn sack (can introduce infection to the baby), and also, the fluids could be from a v____al infection which definitely has to be treated before it irritates the uterus and causes early labor. So even if it's embara__sing to have your doctor or L&D department end up telling you it's only urine, it's worth checking out.


Tory1980 - November 7

Does it have a smell? As silly as that sounds (and sorry for the personal question) then it could be urine. Also your cervical fluid is often more watery during pregnancy and you will have a lot more of it making you think it is fluid leaking. If it is amniotic fluid it usually has no smell and will trickle out on and off whether you are sitting, standing, walking etc. If you think they are leaking you need to get checked not only incase of infection but also because low amniotic fluid is bad for the baby. My friend was induced with her little girl as she was borderline on her levels and it could cause stillbirth. She was delivered at 36 weeks - all was well - and she just turned one last week. Go and get checked by L&D - they do a swab here and it comes back from the labs within an hour or so. If the fluid is blood-stained, brown or green go straight to the hosptial as it could be a sign of labour or the baby in distress.


hayley817 - November 9

hi thanks for the posts, i had a late scan this week cos of my other child been breech all my fluids and stuff was fine the leaking has no odour what so ever the midwife just told me that im not leaking big amounts so should have nothing to worry over, unless i obviously produce alot which isnt happening!! thanks again for the advice xxxxxxx



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