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Ba8y6irl - May 1

I am 37 weeks tomorrow and this morning I woke up and was getting ready for work. I was standing brushing my teeth and I was leaking a bit. Now normally I wouldnt think anything of it cuz its usually just discharge or whatever, but it was really wet... so I wiped up and it was a yellowish tinge... it didnt really have an odour or anything... does anyone know what this might be?? Is it just urine?


Heather W - May 1

Hi there, I would wear a panty liner today...and if you fell a lot more leakage over the day, then go to the dr or hospital and let them test it for amniotic fluid. You may not make it through the day of work if this is it though...good luck and keep us posted.


Ba8y6irl - May 1

thanks... its not constantly leaking... just a little here and there... thats why I wasnt too concerned, thanks for your advice!


San - May 1

Aren't you moving today? Or was it sometime this month? Could be baby doesn't want you to have to drive from Oakville to Toronto :) GL!!


miraclebaby - May 1

Id be curious to know I had the same thing woke up and underwear were wet and could not tell what it was., I am not sure but I believe that fluid would not be yellow. I heard clear or green , not sure though. good luck


Ba8y6irl - May 1

lol yeah San I moved yesterday! I tried to keep it to a minimum but I still had to do stuff or it wouldnt get done!!


Ba8y6irl - May 1

MiracleBaby: yeah I heard the same thing, amniotic fluid is clear, and its continuous so much you cant stop it. It has since subsided and its a little sticky, (like it was in my undies and I stuck to it) sorry tmi but I just shaved, thats a Whole other story!! so I am a__suming it was just discharge but if it happens again or is much worse I will ask my doc. I have an appt. tomorrow anyways...


Ba8y6irl - May 2

I think I have found the answer... I got this in a preggo email... Vaginal discharge. Towards the end of pregnancy, it is not unusual for your v____a to produce extra fluid, which can pool and sometimes trickle way when you get up in the mornings. This can be mistaken for the waters breaking. If you are not sure, go to the toilet and empty your bladder (just to rule out that one as well!) and put on a white pad (to see any colour in the fluid). If fluid continues to come away within the next few hours, it is probably your waters and you need to contact your caregiver or hospital for advice.


Daniella - May 3

Ba8y6ril- hey, congrats on your move!! Bet your glad its over!? Also, it really sounds to me like your losing some of your mucus plug. I started losing mine at 32 weeks, but a lot more at 36 weeks. Most woman say they start losing it at 37-38 weeks. Especially if you notice it kinda sticky like with a yellow color to it. Almost like snot.... do a google search on mucus plug. Yet, a lot of sites are misleading and says you'll go into labor soon after losing it. NOT TRUE!! it doesn't have any weight when labor will happen. Yet, it could mean that your cervix may start to be opening a little. Just tell your doctor at your next appt. How much longer do you have until then?? Have you had an internal yet??


Ba8y6irl - May 3

Hey Daniella, yeah the move being over is a great relief!! Do you think it might be my mucus plug? I thought it was a glob... but I guess maybe its different for everyone... I wore white undies that day just to see the colour and yea it was yellowy and sticky... so I guess that could be it. I told the nurse at my appt. yesterday and she said that it might just be urine... but I didnt tell her about the sticky situation, just the wetness in the morning. I think I kinda forgot about the stickiness after cuz I figured it was just discharge... I will mention it next friday at my next appt. :) thanks for the info I wouldnt have thought it was my mucus plug at all :)


jamiew - May 3

Its not amniotic fluid. You are actually peeing yourself LOL. ... I suggest wearing a panty liner.


Daniella - May 3

No, its not pee!! I bet. How rude for someone to post that. I would definitely say it sounds like part of the plug. It is tinged in yellow color and can be jel like or sticky. Completely normal, especially at 37 weeks. Do bring it up, it wont hurt. Good luck!!!


Ba8y6irl - May 4

thanks Daniella... I kinda laughed at the peeing yourself comment... thanks for the intellegent interpretation jamiew... *rolls eyes*


Daniella - May 8

Ba8y6irl- hey, here's some news.... A few days ago I went to the bathroom and right after while going down the stairs to the kitchen, it felt like a little leak going on. Kinda dripped down my leg, but not much. I know it wasn't the plug, because I have been losing that for weeks and know exactly what it was. I had my membranes stripped 2 days before that, so I just thought it was more of the mucus stuff, or something different. Well, that was at 6am. All day it was kinda more wet, but no gush or anything significant. Finally at about 9pm I called L&D to ask about a possible leak. They also said it might be pee. I said, I just went to the bathroom right before and its NOT pee!! They said, well... sometimes when you get further along.. and I stopped them and said again, "Its not pee!" So, they said to come in just to check. Hubby and I got there about 9:45pm and they did an internal (still 4cm) and swabbed me, put it on the paper and it went straight blue real fast. They said they haven't seen it turn blue that fast in a long time. Needless to say, it was amnio fluid. I wasn't even having any contractions or anything. Well, since I broke my waterbag, you have to give birth within 24 hours. Oh, by the way... when I got to the hospital, it did come out in a much more gush, then trickle. Anyhow.. I gave birth to a beauty at 11:39 in the morning of May 5th. He was 7lbs. 8oz. 20in. long. Just got home a few hours ago!! So, just for future reference, you don't have to have a "gush" to have a leak or break your water. Yet, you will have a gut feeling its not just extra v____al fluid or the mucus stuff. :) (not pee! hehe)


Ba8y6irl - May 8

Hey Daniella thats awesome!! I am soo happy for you!! Thanks for the info too, It seems to only happen in the morning. Then throughout the day its the normal whiteness... So if it does begin to trickle throughout the day then I will definately get it checked out... but thanks for letting me know what you experienced, it helps a lot! Congradulations again and I hope everything goes well!!! Now go be a Mommy!!!



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