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SRG - October 17

I am currently just over 36 weeks and I feel like I have leaked a few times, the first time I thought maybe my water had broke, but it was not enough for that to have been the case. I called the labour & delivery to ask if this is normal and they said to keep an eye on it and if I really soak through I should go get assessed. I have my weekly prenatel appointment tomorrow so hopefully I will be fine to wait until then. Has anyone else experienced this or simular around the 36 week mark, pls. let me know what you all think. Thanks!


M - October 17

I am also wondering the same thing. I dont know if it is excess mucus and discharge that is normal right now or if it is fluid. I actually wear light days during the day otherwise my panties get a little wet and icky feeling. I can smell a sweet kinda smell too not like urine smell. I am wondering to what it is. I see the dr tomorrow so I guess I can ask them. What do they do to determine if it is fluid or urine?


YC - October 17

Hi ladies, I went in to see if I was leaking fluid at like 28ish weeks. They used a strip to test the fluid and if it turns a certain color (I can't remember what color) it is amniotic fluid. Luckily mine was just good old urine ha!ha! Hope this helps.


pbj - October 17

I was told in my labor & delivery cla__s a good way to tell if it's urine or fluid is to place a new pad in your panties; if it is soaked within an hour it is more than likely fluid. If it just seems like it's just a little trickle it is likely just urine.


beckyjms - January 3

hiya i am suffering the same thing and the strip they use to test it turns blue if its fluid and i am leaking fluid GO TO A DOC ASAP because you will need antibiotics until your baby is born to prevent infection but thats all they give you unless your waters have completely gone which i doubt it very much if your just leaking but get it checked there will be reasons why you are leaking i am because i have a puncture in my waters. hope i have helped and good luck!!!!


k - January 3

I am about 37 weeks and some Days and today i went to the bathroom and looked and seen clear fluid there I was just woundering what it could be someone help me please


beckyjms - January 4

k, once again go and get it checked with the doc coz it could be fluid in which case you will need antibiotics. good luck and congrats on your baby news.


k - January 4

Thank you for getting back to me i am going to make a app today with my bbay doctor and find out what is going on i will let you know what it is


beckyjms - January 5

k, no probs hope it all goes well and look forward to hearing from you soon good luck!!!!


k - January 5

well i couldnt make a appointment till tomorrow which is friday my baby doctor told me not to worry all that much and she well see what well happen tomorrow i will let u know



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