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lianne - May 1

hi ladies. last weekend, i was at the store, and i felt really wet all of a sudden (i am going to appologize now for all of the information i am going to be giving), like i peed almost, so i told my husband that i would be right back, and sure enough, my underwear was wet, and not with discharge, with a urine consistant type substance...anyways, i asked my doctor about it, and she said that if it was just that once, that most likely it was urine, and not to worry, but if it started happening quite a bit, then it might be fluid. now the last two nights while i have been sleeping, i have woken up with a wet feeling, and i will go to the bathroom, and same thing, my underwear is wet, with that same substance. i end up going to the bathroom since i am up, but i wouldnt have if i was woken up. do you ladies think that i am really just having accidents, or should i go get my amniotic fluid levels tested? i am pretty concerned about it, but i also dont want to overreact and run to the doctor, or pick up the phone and call about every little thing lol...one other thing that i should mention is that i have been having menstraul like cramping off and on for a little while now, but never consistant or anything like that, that would make me think that i am going into labor. once again let me know your thoughts...and thank you so much. (p.s. i am only 34 weeks along)


christineg - May 1

You really need to call your Dr. They should have had you come in for a test to start with. If your waters are broken than the baby is suseptible to infection, and at 34 weeks, if your water has broken, it has happened prematurely. Don't feel silly or embara__sed about calling the Dr. THat is what they are there for and you aren't the only woman that calls with concerns. Good luck!


lianne - May 1

thank you christine, i am just about at the point to call like you suggested. i figure that even though i am only 34 weeks along, anything is possible at this point, and there is no reason that anything should hold me back from calling or just going into labor and delivery if i feel that there is a problem...after 2 prior miscarriages, i have made it too far to not be sure that all is well...thank you for your response.


3babies - May 1

Hi lianne. If you wear a pad, when you take it into L&D ward they can do a quick test on it to tell if it is truly amniotic fluid that you are leaking. If it isnt you also need a urine test to check you dont have an infection (it is possible to have one without the burning or frequency). This is a common reason for women to leak urine during pregnancy. The hormones and extra pressure of the baby do also cause leakage but it is stress incontinence usually ie. when you cough, sneeze, lift etc. Good luck!


Ba8y6irl - May 2

I had the same problem, although not throughout the day... I got this in an email this morning and it explained what I was having... I am 37 weeks btw... Its Vaginal discharge. Towards the end of pregnancy, it is not unusual for your v____a to produce extra fluid, which can pool and sometimes trickle way when you get up in the mornings. This can be mistaken for the waters breaking. If you are not sure, go to the toilet and empty your bladder (just to rule out that one as well!) and put on a white pad (to see any colour in the fluid). If fluid continues to come away within the next few hours, it is probably your waters and you need to contact your caregiver or hospital for advice.


Daniella - May 3

sounds like extra v____al fluid and not amnio. fluid. I thought the same thing at about how many weeks you are, they tested and it wasn't amnio fluid. Its weird how our preggo bodies change like this. Especially what seems to be over night. At any rate, the test is real easy if you want it done. Just ask the doctor at your next apt. I wouldn't go into L&D with that concern unless its a gush of fluid or if you really feel like something is wrong. I'm sure everything is just fine!!! :) The test is just like a little swab down there and they put it on a test strip and says whether its fluid or not. May help ease yoru mind if you want it done. Otherwise, I am sure all is normal. I am now 39 weeks and it only seems to be getting worse. I know its not urine.. but, it is extra fluid. First I even thought it was sweat. I brought it up to my dr. yesterday and he stripped my membranes... while he was doing it he said the sac is extremely thick and strong. So, deifnitely haven't been leaking any fluid.


lianne - May 3

thank you ladies for getting back to me. as always, whenever i express concern to either this board or my doctor, everything seems to be just fine afterwards, with the exeption of the day that i wrote this of course lol. i have still been getting quite a bit of cramps, which i am sure are contractions, but i think that irregular ones are normal for this stage of my pregnancy...at least that is what i am telling myself :o). anyways, since they have never been regular or knocking me down to the ground in pain, i find it pointless to go in for that...as for the fluid, i think that you are all right on, i have an appointment in 2 weeks with my doctor, and if it still seems to be going on then i will just ask her to test, unless before that there is a gush of some sort. thank you ladies for all of your responses, and i wish you all the best with everything :o).



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