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Angiconda - June 12

I am wondering if anyone has ever experienced a leak of fluid? I am 29 week and today everytime I go to the bathroon there is a wet spot in my underwear (sorry tmi) I am wondering if anyone has experienced this and if I have any reason to be concerned?


GraphxGirl - June 12

It may not be fluid... could just be some discharge or maybe even a little trickle from your bladder. If you are really concerned, definately talk to a doctor !!


olivia - June 12

My sister leaked fluid with her second pregnancy. She found it hard to figure out if she was peeing or loosing fluid. The doctor kept an eye on her levels and induced her when they got too low at 36 weeks. I suggest you mention it to your doctor so they can watch your levels.


Deb - June 13

I was in the same boat just last week. I was concerned that it was fluid, but I did not have a constant drip or anything. Just some little gushes here and there. Yesterday my doctor did an internal to check if there was fluid in my v____a but all she found was normal mucousy discharge. We think it is just urine. The baby presses on the bladder sometimes and causes a little trickle to come out. For me, I get the little gushes after using the washroom. I guess when I stand, the baby shifts a bit and a little urine that is still in my urethra comes out. Even if it is a leak, don't panic. The fluid replenishes itself and often slow leaks repair themselves. I would, however, talk to your doctor about it because they can test it to see if it is fluid and then you would have peace of mind. Good luck!


Emily - June 13

I am worried about htat too. With my first when my water broke, it was after a day of contractions and it was only a trickle and we weren't sure when it happened but I noticed my pantie were wet once durring a visit to teh restroom between contractions. I am now 38 weeks and have been having the same wetness but this time no contractions. I know that some woman's water brakes before the contractions. Mine didn't the fist time but am concerned that it has this time. I have a doc's appointment today and will ask him. I suggest you ask yours. Mine always told me with my silly questions that I was better safe than sorry! Good luck.


tryingx3 - June 13

Have it checked, could be an infection...happened to me with yeast infection and I didn't have the other "common" symptoms, just extra "fluid", thought it better to go to doc than wonder and possibly take any risks. Alos, some bacterial infections can cause pre-term labor, too...



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