Leaking Breast

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AmberNicole - November 14

Sorry if this is TMI, but I'm 33 1/2 weeks and about 2am this morning, I woke up and my left br___t was leaking on my tshirt. I had to change shirts. This NEVER happened with my ds, is this normal? If it's normal, does that mean I could go into labor, soon?


AngelinLuv - November 14

Mine started leaking a little at 30 weeks or so. At about 34 weeks, I started to leak through my nightshirts. It only seems to happen when I don't have a bra on. I'm pretty sure it's perfectly normal. I'm now 38 weeks, and have not gone into labor so I don't think it's a sign.


AmberNicole - November 14

Thanks for responding. I don't think I'll be able to handle leaking through my shirts, alot. I can't sleep with a bra on. It's so yucky! It's normal after you have the baby, but it seems so weird before! Oh well, another joy of motherhood:)


Jilloh - November 14

I had this problem with DS and I am currently having this problem with this pregnancy. It happens to some women! I didn't deliver my DS any earlier in fact I was induced at 40 weeks. But I don't leak every night or very much. I could soak after DS was born but I never had anything bigger then lemon size before.


AmberNicole - November 15

It happened again last night when my Boxer puppy had his head on my chest. When he got up my shirt was pretty wet! It's only my left side. I delivered my ds at 36 weeks with no leakage.


DaBonkElsMe - November 15

It's normal. I had this at 35 weeks only my left side, but it hasn't kept happening. Still every once in a while. I can't sleep with a bra on either, but I fould a nursing tank top at Target, it has a built in support system - no wires - It's very comfortable to sleep in.


Gemini_Girl - November 15

Hi, I started getting it quite early on, now Im 28 weeks the wet patches are getting bigger and coming from both nipples, I only notice it when Im not wearing a bra, so mostly at night, and when wakening - it can be annoying but I think its normal :)



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