Leaking Question Sorry Tmi

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KMo311 - January 19

I was bouncing on my ball today and when i went to the bathroom after, my underwear was wet. not everywhere just up front on the sides, kind of where the elastic is and a bit towards the middle. i have had this a few times here and there for a few weeks. It is clear and smells kind of like sperm (so sorry if that is gross) It didn't smell like pee at all. i have not had any connection with hubby in a few days (poor guy) so i know it didn't come from him. i am also kind of crampy/achy. It most likely is just discharge and i could go get it checked but i have two other children and i can't just just run to the doctors everytime i think of something. how bad is it to ignore a high leak (if it is one)?


MB - January 19

Hi, i have been exactly the same too, this is my second, i am 36 weeks. I always wear panty liners but even my underwear still gets soaking, to the point where i am changing those 2 -3 times a day. Doc says its normal though and yet another unpleasent pregnancy symptom.


Tammy276 - January 19

if it is just discharge, then it is totally normal.. I wear panty liners everyday, I HAVE to!! If you were working out, or bouncing on your ball, chances are you were sweating down there and that could be where part of the smell is coming from. I noticed yesterday, just sitting here, it was warm in our house and when I went to the bathroom, the outside edges of my undies were wet, but not in the middle, which told me that I must have just been sweating down there and it wasn't discharge.


KMo311 - January 19

probably, i am tired of feeling so gross


jayme2365 - January 19

I hear ya KMO311!!! I don't really leak all that bad...but I ca n't stand to wear wet panties! So I change them about the same as MB. can't wait till this is over!


Sonrisa - January 20

I am at week 31 and it started last week with me as well. Like you said...the front part of the panties seems to be the wettest. I think this is normal. I have had it mostly when I get up. You are right it feels like I was sweating down there. That is a great description.


Crisi P - January 21

Okay I have the same type question so rather than starting a new topic I'll just post here. I am 40 weeks along today, for the past two days I've been trying to do a lot of walking because my girl is still high. Well I've noticed since the walking that my plug is coming out in little bits when I wipe. Well this morning (and a couple times over night getting up for bathroom breaks) I've noticed that some wetness was pooled "down there" and when I get up I can feel it run out onto my undies, its not a whole lot but enough to feel like you wet yourself a bit. I've been having some crazy discharge over the past few weeks, but this is more so. I'm not sure if I should go in, this is my first pregnancy. What do you guys think? My next appt isnt until Friday.


KMo311 - January 21

that is exactly what happened to my sister then a few hours later her water broke. she was getting the mucus and when she bent over or moved around it felt like a dropper full of pee came out then she got the pop and gush. good luck and only give that until tomorrow and give your office a call if it doesn't change.


Crisi P - January 21

Thanks so much for your info, sounds like a good plan to me.


zach - January 22

i've had some white discharge as well. also when i go pee, sometimes i have a discharge a bit of a yellowish color. does this sound normal? i'm about 28 weeks


ShaunaLeigh - January 22

ive had the same thing the whollle time this time around, i also had a bacterial infection at the get of it all... it's common among pregnant woman but that was all taken care of & cleared up & now the discharge is back ughhh & just down right annoyin to have to wear pantie liners all the time... & yeaa ur right... i just like all you ladies... feel disguistin!


missy1974 - January 23

i am 33 weeks, and have had to wear liners everyday .....:( so annoying, i'll be so glad when that part of it is over..i feel like im swimming some days in a pool of wetness.AAHHHHHHHH#$&*&& LOL



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