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L - October 27

Anybody else having leg cramps?? I'm 31 wks and just had my first one last night. It woke me up from a deep sleep and I sat straight up in bed! Scared my hubby to death...lol I've had the "restless legs", but never a cramp like this. OMG, it hurt!!! and hasn't stopped hurting all day, it's so sore. It hurts to walk! Anybody no why this is or what to do?? Thanks!


Michelle - October 27

I'm 33 weeks and have been having them for a few weeks now. Not sure why it is happening - but I agree with you it is very sore!!


Steph - October 27

It's all part of pregnancy - I am 36 weeks and have had a couple since I have been in my third trimester. I was told that when you get them - Charlie Horses - you are suppossed to push your heel towards the end of your bed, so pulling your toes towards your head. Don't push your toes out or try to rub it out because that will just make it worse. I have tried this a couple times when I felt like one was coming on and it seemed to work for the time being - I didn't get them, so my advice would be to try to relax and stretched your heel towards the end of your bed - Hope this helps, Good Luck!


Heather - October 27

I asked my ma__sage therapist about this, and she said to drink a gla__s of 1/2 OJ and 1/2 Sprite or carbonated water. The acid in the juice and carbonation in the pop is supposed to break up any lactic acid in your muscles, and help prevent these leg cramps. I tried it, and it seems to have helped. I only got maybe 2 a week, so they weren't horrible- but I havne't had one since.


Lacey - October 27

I'm 29 weeks preganant and I get Charlie Horses in my calves a lot. It hurts I know and the only way I found that works really well and fast is to get up and walk around it helps out so much and they go away immediately. I hope this advice helps you ladies out. Good Luck!!


jodie - October 27

Ooohh...the toe thing works like a charm. Just push your heals out and your toes up towards your head like steph said...and it stops the cramp instantly. I also heard potasiam helps like eat a banana before bed or something. Man those things are painful!



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