Legs Are Purple

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BaByCrAzY - June 21

Hi I'm 36 weeks. on top of my ankles and feet being hideously swollen, my legs are on the purple side with white spots. I'm hoping this is normal... But what worries me more is on my last visit to the docs last week, my blood pressure was 140/87. The doctor said if it wasn't better this week that he would put me on bed rest and if that didn't work that he would have to admit me to the hospital. I really don't want to be put to bed, much less be admitted this early. Does anyone out there know what I can do to keep my blood pressure at a safe level. thanks in advance.


Been There - June 21

I don't really know too much, but I do remember that I had to keep going straight home and lying on my left side. Plus, during the day, when sitting at my desk, I had to keep my legs elevated on a stool or box. You're 36 weeks, so have you been trying to get final shopping or anything done? Try limiting your trips to the store and keep them focuses so you're not on your feet too long. I'm not really sure about sodium, but if you're taking in too much, you may want to limit it to about 50 grams (I think that's right). It's funny to see your post because I was in the shower last night after having walked around the store and I thought to myself, "I have elephant legs!" My ankles and feet were just swelling up. Good luck on find a solution.


Tanna - June 21

Delivering your baby will put your BP at a safer level. Sometimes that's the only way. That may not be too far off for you since you are at 36 weeks. Not sure about the purple legs thing.


everthiki - June 21

Get as much rest as possible , even though it is hard at times to elevate the feet and lay down...I have to force myself to do it when I get home from work. I've always been a very busy ,acitve person...but there comes a time like now to slow down. I also have swollen feet and legs...I can't even see my ankles anymore...and my legs are purplish too..not sure about the white spots either.


Mommy - June 21

Swollen legs are a sign of pre-eclamsia, I believe. I would call your doc just to be sure. Best case scenario is it's just water retention.


Kara H. - June 22

I am having the same problem, but it started at 30wks. I am now 32 and have gotten my BP down, but I am still swelling, which the doctor said was fine. Watch out for hidden salt in foods. I didn't realize how much I was eating. I a__sumed that since I wasn't using a salt shaker at the table that my salt intake was fine. Anything that is not prepared fresh typically has lots of sodium in it. Like boxed pasta side dishes(rice a roni, hamberger helper, mac and cheese), crackers, any canned goods, and even fast food milk shakes are all full of sodium. After cutting out all that stuff and reading labels, I have brought my BP down to an acceptable level.


isabel - June 22

I am having the same problem since early in my pregnancy. But i know for sure that if you blood presure is low this is not dangereous. On the opposite,if your legs are swollen and the blood presure is high that might be a sign of pre -eclamsia. You should check with your doctor.



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