Leilani Ella Is Here

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Ella82 - December 6

Hi All, Leilani Ella arrived into the world on Monday Dec 3 at 4.49pm weighing 6lbs 15oz & 52 cm long 5 days before her EDD. I had a bloody show on Sunday morning and had slight contractions from 7pm the real ones started at 1.30am Monday and we went to the hospital at 3.30am at 4.30am i was 4cm dialated. I had an epidural as the pain was so bad because she was posterior but it didnt work so i had a spinal block i managed to sleep and when i woke i was 10cm, i had to have an episiotomy with forceps to deliver her. It feels like i have a hundred stiches and it hurts but i am so happy to have her with me now.


stefkay - December 7

ELLA! Congratulations!!! That is so wonderful to hear :) I just got chills reading that...your little girl has made it into the world! Awesome :) (HUGS) - Stef


babylove4 - December 7

Wow, Amazing story...Congrats!!!


Rainbowbrite - December 7

WE WANT PICTURES! WE WANT PICTURES!!! =) congratulations! It sounds as though you're ripped in half but atleast baby Leilani is here and you're both healthy. Hope you feel better soon!


VenusdiMilo - December 7

Congratulations Ella!! Please enjoy your bundle of joy. ~Blessings~


margie - December 7

YaY!!! Im so excited for you, oh my gosh my anticipation is grooowing so much to have my little girl now. Wow, it's amazing to see how many of us who have suffered such painful losses especially for ones who have gone through it more than once are finally recieving the joy of being a mother, God bless you and your daughter! What a beautiful name, I LOVE IT!!!


Ella82 - December 7

Thanks everyone! I have put some pics up on my piczo Ella822.piczodotcom. I feel so blessed that i am a mother now i just look at her and cry she is so special i will always be sad about my previous losses but it was Leilani that was meant for this world. Margie not long now for you i cant wait to here your birth story. Stef hope everything is going well with your pregnancy x


indenial - December 7

Congrats, Ella. She is absolutely adorable. I hope everything is going well and continues to do so.


mrose - December 7

Ella! Yay! I'm so happy for you! I know you've come a long way to get here, I'm so happy she is here and you two are doing well! Congratulations!


treshala - December 9

Congratulations :) My B/f bday is the 3rd :) I know you are enjoying your December angel. Take care


Buffi R. - December 9

Congratulations Ella!! That's wonderful news!



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