Lesley And Mary October Mommies Still Standing

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Mary - Overdue! - November 1

Lesley, the other thread is now getting pretty long so I thought we could continue here, now that only the 2 of us remain. Please anyone else that reads this thread be nice to us. We are mommies with huge bellies long waiting for our babies to arrive. You may be one of us but do not know it yet, so come on in and send us som labor waves!


Mary to Shannon - November 1

Shannon, thanks for checking on us. As you can see most October mommies had their little ones. How many were we originally? In every bunch there are the late bloomers, I always been one!


Lesley - November 1

Has Lisa been kept in? I hope she has. It's about time one of us had our little ones!! Have you got an induction date yet Mary? I cannot believe they are making me wait untill 7th before setting me off.


Mary - November 1

So I had my membranes stripped today. I also had an u/s and non-stress test- the baby is fine, all is fine. Lesley, my doctor has set up an induction date of 11/7, like you - i need to be at the hospital at 6 pm tpo stay overnight. He thinks I will start labor before that.


Labor - November 1

~~~~~~LaBoR WaVeS~~~~~ to both Mary and Lesley..and anyone else in waiting....!


Lesley - November 1

I get my waters broke at 8:30am on 7/11/05. They might want me in 3pm on the Sunday to soften my cervix, but that is really not an option. I have 2 kids to look after and can do without spending probably 2 nights in hospital.


Mary to Lesley - November 1

So you will be having your little one a day before me. By next tuesday all Oct mommies will have their babies! :) I am looking forward to hear from Lisa and Ranya.


Tonia - November 1

To....Lisa,Mary and Lesley I left you guys a message on the old thread letting you know that I haven't forgotten about you girls still hanging in there. Well atleast you know that it will for sure be this month that your little ones will be here. Please when the big day happen let me know. With all the patience that yall have been having there will be something exciting out of it all. Good luck to you all.


Lesley - November 2

I'm getting a slimey like discharge, and have done for a few days now, only thing is it's starting to smell. I am not sure if it's mucus plug or what. The only thinkg I can think it smells like is period blood. It's disgusting and I have no idea what it is. I'm going to see my midwife this afternoon wether she wants to see me or not. Gonna ask for an internal to see if my cervix has thinned out yet. I see Lisa hasn't posted for a while. She must of been kept in. Just think she could of had her baby by now. Isn't that so exciting. It's my 22nd birthday in 2 days and I'm not excited at all. I thought I would of had my baby by now. My brother is coming up from Stoke tomorrow for the weekend to see the little one, looks like he is going to have a wasted trip.


Lesley - November 2

I phoned my midwife and she didn't want to see me. Said that as she is coming out on Saturday there is no point. Well I told here! Saturday is 3 days awaya nd a lot can happen in that time, and if anything was wrong, or was to go wrong does she want it on her conscience. Haha, she agreed to see me. They said it sounds like my mucus plug that has gone, but that wouldnt explain th creamy white discharge I have been getting today. Or the smell. (Sorry about too much info!) If she refuses to give me an internal I will go mad. I am feeling realy down as it is. I am now 10 days over and I just want him out.


Mary - November 2

I hope your midwife can see you and agreed to check you out. I am in pain today due to the stripping of my membranes yesterday. However, I have no signs of labor. I do have a bloody discharge tue to the same. Tonia, thanks for checking on us! :) We are still here waiting for the little ones to decide to come out. :)


Lesley - November 2

I'm off to see midwife in 40 mins. I will be leaving in about 30. I have had a bath and washed down below but that smell is still there. When I was talking to a mate of mine she said that with her 4th baby sh had the same smell, nd a couple of hours later she went into labour. So my hopes are up again. Dunno why I do that though, get my hopes up. Well looking at it from a different view, this time next week he will be here no matter what :-)


Mary - November 2

Lesley, any news? I am in a lot of pain from the sweep, but nothing material yet.


Lesley - November 2

Hi. it's 4:14am and I keep waking up in pain. I had to go to bed for half 9 last night I couldn't handle the pain no more. It had me in tears, cold sweats and it was just horrible. I thought if I lie down and the pains are still coming I know it's the real thing. The pains are still coming but not regular, and I don't want to disturb my mum this time in the morning for a false alarm. When I went to see my midwife she give me another membrane sweep. This time she really went at it, and also stretched it a bit. She said my cervix is still quite thick but that can go from thick to thin in a matter of half an hour. So don't be decieved by it. Last night I asked my partner to rub my back for me and all I got off him was "do I have to, im busy with this" (This being a computer game) I would of slapped ihm if I wasn;t in so much pain. It's my birthday tomorrow (4th), I really want baby here by then! Also my brother will be here tonight, come all his way to see the little one and the little one can't even make it through the birth ca___l to meet his uncle :-( ........ I wonder how Lisa got on in her labour. She got induced 2 days ago so I would think she has had it by now.


lisa - November 3

Hi Lesley and Mary, Well I did it, and now we have a baby girl who ew still havent decided on a name for, but she is gorgeous and looks like her dad, they induced me on the 1st they gave me a prostin pill to soften my cervix sa i was only a fingertip, that didnt have an effect for about 4 hours, then they gave me another at 9 in the evening, by 11 oclock i was having nasty contractions, my god, i was begging for any kind of pain relief, and got a meptid injection, which made me be only in ma__sive pain at the peak of the contraction not all the way through, i was on gas and air constantly and the contractions hardly had a break. i was so scared at this point it was about 12 at night and as they had planned to break my waters at 9 in the morning i bthought i would be there in pain till then, but then my waters poped, and the mother of all contractions started, it was full on and very painfull untill 3.15 in the morning (only 3 hour labour)when she popped out into the world. and ripped me (st_tches) i never thought anything could be so painfull in my life, i was like a primeval beast women shouting the place down, all my fears went out the window about dignity, i could nt of cared less if id been live on tv!!!!! we got home yesterday, where she suddenly got upset and couldnt be settled for a good 7 hours, we were like walking sleep zombies, luckily my parents had come up to stay and cooked but i did go to bed that night with this feeling of dread and overwhelming not being able to cope feelings, my nipples sore but hope to get good feeding with help of midwifes, anyway, i hope you two have your babies soon, shes crying now, with hicups, ill put pics on my website, the address is on the other oct countdown forum from before, love lisa


lisa - November 3



Lesley - November 3

Awww she is the most tiniest thing ever. What weight is she? I want my baby now :-(



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