Leslie Have You Had Your Baby

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Missy - September 26

Hey Leslie - just checking in....I know it's not quite our due date yet, but since I haven't seen your posts....I thought maybe, just maybe, you beat me! 6 more days to go for me - your DD is right after mine....How are you feeling? Any contractions? I am still trying to figure out what this mucus plug bit is all about LOL. Talk to you soon....


leslie - September 26

hey! nice to see you are still around!! :) well, no i haven't had the baby yet :) I am still here. For this past weeks I have felt sooo tired and I can't sleep at night anymore, I have to pee about 5 times, my back hurts, baby is starting to get heavy,my ribs hurt soooo much, etc, etc, etc. the list can go on and on and on.... :( I guess I am still lucky compared to many girls in this site that have had it much worse since the beggining. I think I have everything for the baby ready.. My bags are almost packed, except I don't know what kind of robe to take to the hospital...I had thought about a black robe since I am going to be bleeding but then I don't think black is the right color for my baby's arrival. What do you think? How have you been feeling? any contractions? are you ready? OH AND I CAN'T PAINT MY FRICKEN NAILS!! that really makes me mad! it really hurts my belly to bend down..and I am too lazy now days to go get a pedicure!!


Missy - September 27

No baby yet for me, though the doctor is concerned about my blood pressure so maybe this appt he will induce - though I can't say I am thrilled at that idea, inducement is supposed to make contractions hurt even more and make them much stronger for a longer period of time, so that makes me nervous. Hopefully she will make her entrance on her own soon. I am only peeing 2 or 3 times per night so I guess I should count my blessings. I am not bringing a robe because I am just going to ruin their stuff at the hospital - why go out and spend money when my insurance already paid the hospital an arm and a leg for me to use their stuff!!! LOL - but if you do want to bring one, just buy whatever color you want - I mean, it's not like you are going to use it again. I feel good most of the time, kinda getting anxious now - mixed feelings about if I am "ready" or not, ya know? To think that in the next week or so I will be a mother, wow - that's a big deal. It's fantastic, don't get me wrong. But it's intimidating too. I am going to finish my chores up here at home - laundry, vacuuming the rug downstairs, and sweeping and then I am off to get a fill and pedicure - after all, it will be the last one I get for a while! Too bad you aren't closer too me - I would love a friend to take along!! Talk to you soon!


Missy - September 27

I forgot to ask you - is he still in breech position? Are you still going to have a C-section? What name did you decide on?


leslie - September 27

well the baby is not breech anymore.. last time I went to the doctor he said he was head down already.. I don't know if his head is engaged now... I can't tell, how about yours? Now the other possible problems is that when they ckecked my cervix the doctor said that my pelvic bones were to narrow and I was probably going to have a hard time at labor or maybe end with a c-section :( I am not looking forward to a long labor and then at the end have to have a c-sec. Are you sitll wroking?


Missy - September 27

I am on "maternity leave" but that doesn't mean I am not working LOL - my boss has me working from home and the office calls about 5 times a day because they can't do it without me!! Glad to hear he is head down - Natalia has been head down for a while now and has dropped. I have no idea if I am dilated - I just have to wait for her to come....Hopefully you can delivery naturally - a c-sec recovery can be pretty brutal I hear. How are you feeling otherwise? I have been feeling good, trying to keep busy. I go to the Drs tomorrow so we'll see what he says about my blood pressure and inducing. Like I said - I hope it doesn't come to that, but whatever he thinks is best I will follow. What name did you two decide on after all?


Missy - September 29

Hey Leslie - where are you? Getting ready for that baby? I am ready and waiting and thinking of trying some raspberry leaf tea - I went walking and swimming yesterday, hopefully if I continue with that each day she will make her appearance soon....


leslie - September 29

hey, I am here :) Lately I only sit back and read the posts.. I have been soo lazy! all I want to do is sleep and eat. Too bad not much fits into my stomach anymore.. plus I still have some morning sickness once in a while..NOT FUN :( I think I am all ready, jsut yesterday I was putting the final things in my hospital bag..except some clothes to come home in. I got my first strech mark on my belly :( :( :( :( it sucks!!! its a small one but I know that I am going to start getting more, my belly is growing everyday!! its scary lol! Also I am very scared about hemorroids! I don't have any but I have read in this forum that you could get them during labor and that is VERY SCARY! I think that if I had known about all this things that happen to you during pregnancy phisically and mentally I would have thought about it twice!! lol!! I started drinking the raspberry tea about 2 weeks ago..we'll see what happens, hopefully it will help during labor. oh and I am also very scared about an episotomy...just to think about it I get goosebumps!! I preffer to tear than get one! once I go into labor I am going to tell my doctor that I don't want one unless its very necessary, and that is IF I get a v____al delivery, 'cause I still don't know.. Tomorrow I have an appt. I don't think I will be there for more than 20 min. They did an internal when I was 37 weeks and then after that they say that they won't check anymore until I go into labor. Wich is ok with me since I didn't really liked them :) Is your due date the 2nd or 3rd? Mine is officially the 3rd ( I doubt I will go in that day) I have a feeling that I will be like a week after my dd..we'lll see :0)


Missy - September 30

Leslie - I am due 10/2. If I don't have her by then, I have an appt 10/3 to see my doctor, who said he will see if I am effaced or dilated at all and will discuss inducing me at that time. That is really scary for me.....hopefully she makes her arrival in the next couple of days - after all, she's only got the weekend! Sorry to hear about your stretch mark - I don't have any on my belly yet, but I do have a few (like 2 or 3) tiny ones on my upper thighs, which grosses me out LOL! Oh well - it will all be worth it to meet my little one....Has he not dropped yet?? Once Natalia dropped I was able to eat again. It's nice to eat and not get wicked heart burn anymore. I ate Tapatio hot sauce last night and didn't die - it was great!!! Anyway - be sure to let me know what happens with you - I will be sure to let you know when she decides to arrive...


leslie - September 30

you had Tapatio sauce yesterday?!?! That is hilarious! I have to tell you there is no Mexican food here or lets say there is no Mexican people period. It took me forever to find Tapatio sauce!! I had to go to another town, kind of far from here to get mexican food.. it sucks! When I was about 5 months preg. I had some potatoe chips and I added sooo much TApatio sauce ( I guess I was craving it) that that night I couldn't sleep! It was horrible. I had never had heartburn b/f been preg. anyway enought with the hot sauce. Today I had a dr. appt. I thought they were not going to do internals anymore but I was wrong, they checked and dr. said I was starting to dilate.. he said I would probably have the baby b/f Monday!!! I was like "what???" I don't think my body is ready for a baby to come out lol!! If you know what I mean ;) He also said he could feel the baby's head, I thought that was soo cool!!


Missy - September 30

Lucky you! Hopefully this will be the weekend of babies for the both of us!! Are you have contractions??? As far as mexican food - there is more around here than I can handle LOL! There are taqueria's on almost every corner - some of them open 24/7 - a pregnant girl couldn't ask for anything better!! I have always loved mexican food, the neighborhood I grew up in is like "little Mexico" and I was the only weta so I got spoiled with the mexican food - tamales on christmas, the works!! Anyway - if I don't have Natalia by Monday then they start talking inducing...hopefully she comes out on her own. I just got back from swimming - I am hoping the physical activity will get her wanting to come out and play! Talk to you soon - let me know if anything happens!! Keep me updated on your contractions, etc!!


leslie - September 30

I AM SOOO JELOUS!! I can't belive you even have taquerias open 24/7!!! That is not fair!!!!!! Anyway..no I haven't had contractions..or at least not that I know...lately I get so many different kind of pains and discomfort s that I don't know if any of that stuff is actually contractions..so do you have your bags ready?


Missy - October 1

Bags ready and in the car - hopefully they can be put to use soon! I am kinda glad ot hear that you aren't having contractions or if you are, you don't know it, and you are dilated. I will either have the baby this weekend or I will find out Monday if I am dilated or effaced. Maybe, if you are dilated and not having lots of pain, it means good news for both of us - hopefully, a quick, easy labor!! Funny we talked about taquerias today - we actually had taquitos for dinner.....there is a taqueria that we always see tons of people at, so he wanted to go try it out. I made sure to have one with EXTRA red sauce just for you LOL! I drank some tea tonight - hopefully that gets something started. I will keep you informed....


Missy - October 2

Hey leslie - just checking in. It's 11:15 (pacific time) and today is my due date...no action here. Hopefully I will make progress today - I have been walking everywhere, even went to the beach to go walking yesterday and still nothing! **sigh** I've got my fingers crossed for you - hopefully you will have a quick and easy go about things....talk to you soon.


leslie - October 2

hey Missy..I see you are still around :) well I am here not doing much.. I also went for a walk, around the block lol! and then I came back..it was to hot. Well tomorrow is my due date, I am not even going to get exited since only what was it 5% of women go on their due date?.. What I am kind of scared though is about eating too much especially Mexican food! I sure don't want to have a bm on the table!!! How embarrasing.. ;) So do you have babys carseat in the car ready? have you washed everything? I have only washed the newborn stuff and receiving blankets, that is it. it will be very fun and funny if we both went into labor the same day! For some reason I keep thinking that this baby is not going to come out until the 5th 6th or 7th...we'll see :)


Missy - October 3

I am getting ready to go to the doctor. Hopefully, things will go well. My appt is in 2 1/2 hours.....I am just hangin around the house trying to get stuff done just in case they want to induce me today....Hope all goes well for you - I am already one day late, hopefully you'll be right on time!!


Missy - October 3

Leslie - Went to the doctors today - I am effaced and dilated at 2-3. I am scheduled to go in tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM for my induction. I will send you my story when I get home. Let me know how you're doing in my email account. Talk to you later



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