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Missy - September 6

Hey leslie - haven't heard from you in a while. Are you OK? I have thought about you alot lately - did Katrina hit you hard? Let me know how you are - we are officially "term" now mama - almost there!!!!!


leslie - September 6

Hi! how have you been? WE ARE ALMOST THERE!! ;) I AM so exited,confused,scared, paranoid, etc, etc, etc. Today I went to the doctor..they did the last test to check for bacteria.. next week they will start doing internal check ups..not really looking forward to that.. I hate internal check ups and all that...ugghh so unfomfortable...anyway I try not to think about deliver 'cause the more I think about it the more scared I amgoing to be...lol!. So how have you been? you always dissappear all of a sudden..are you working? do you have everything ready? how is your hubby behaving? and no Katrina did not hit hard in this area but it did in some other places..we actually left to hubby's parents in the middle of the hurricane..I wasn's so scared since it was only a storm becoming a category 1 hurricane...some people we know were without power like for a week, though..kind of sucks..but thank God nothing compared to LA and Mississippi and all those places..


Missy - September 7

I am not always able to post here - I do it from work and sometimes I get busy busy busy!! You can always reach me via my email. I went to the Dr's today and got my GBS testing as well. My doctor doesn't do internal exams as he doesn't want to "put me through them" as even if I am dialated it doesn't change anything - she will come when she's ready. So, I have no idea if I am dialated or not and I won't know until I am having regular contractions and go to the hospital. I totally understand the whole paranoid thing. I am ready to meet my little one, but at the same time, I feel like I am not ready. I am still working until September 16. Hubby is amazing - I couldn't be happier. We are both excited. I am so glad to see you are OK. My thoughts are with you. Hey, do you have any new pix on your website? What is it again? I want to see what you look like now - I updated my site www.rudyandmelissa.piczo.com check it out. Talk to you soon - update me on your condition - what's your weight gain at? What is your belly measuring now? Let me know if you are dialated - it would be so cute to have our babies on the same day! What did you two decide on for a name?


Missy - September 8

Hey Leslie - You better not be having that baby of yours before I have mine!!! Where are you?? When is your next appointment?


leslie - September 8

hey! Sorry I was busy doing some things.. :) I have not decided on a name yet...is kind of hard! we have Roman and also Alejandro but I am not so convinced yet..what do you think? Also I had been feeling good/normal I guess up until last week...all this week I have been feeling like a zombie..going to sleep very late,waking up early,peeing about 5 times a night,( I don't even flush the toilet anymore) sleepy throughout the day..it sucks! I bought some stuff for the baby like shampoo, lotions, nail clippers, ointment, etc. and they are still in the bags in the baby's room...I am so tired and lazy and I don't even work! I think its a way of getting the body prepared.. I have another appt on monday and they will start doing internal check ups then..but I would preffer if they didn't, I don't think it really changes anything to know how effaced and dilated you are..it can take up to weeks even if there is improvment .. I think all it does is make you more impatient...plus I hate internal check ups and all that stuff..its soo unfomfortable. And no I don't have new pix yet..but I should be updating the webpage soon... so are you all ready? do you have everything? Have you packed your bags? I was supposed to do that this week but like I said I feel like a zombie..oh and my weight is 138..I am gaining about 1 pound a week like I am supposed to! :)


Missy - September 9

There you are! My bag is packed, just finished that up this week. Figured since I am term I better be ready, especially since at my last US at 34 weeks the doctor said that if I go, I won't be stopped. They estimated the baby's weight to be 5.5 lbs at that point, so if she is gaining the usual 1/2 lb per week, she is already up to 6.5 lbs now - hopefully she won't get too much bigger than 7 lbs - I don't know if she'll fit out!!! I like the name Roman - I think Debra Messing named her son that too, it's a very cute name. What is your hubby's name? I finally slept a whole night last night (midnight to 7 AM) without waking up to pee - first time in weeks!! I am still working, up until next week. I have the baby's diaper bag ready to go and in the car with my bag. The baby's room is ready for her - I am just not sure if we are yet LOL! We are still trying to finish the house, but should be done this weekend. I will be sure to post some before and after pix on the website. And by the way - you are such a skinny minnie - 138 - HAHA - I was there over a month ago! I am right on target to gain exactly 30 lbs, which I hear is pretty darn good. Talk to you soon....



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