Leslie In FL Where Are You

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Missy - October 7

Hey stranger - had Natalia on 10/4 - is your little man here yet???? Hope all is well with you....


leslie - October 9

hey Missy, I had Roman on 10/5!!! let me know if you are here so (if you have time) you can tell me about your experience!! :)


Missy - October 9

Hey mama! Did you have a c-sect? I had such a positive labor experiance - 5 hours of labor then 1 hour of pushing - LUCKY ME! Tell me your story!!!


leslie - October 9

hey Missy..Well I had my baby boy!! I got to the hospital at 3:00pm and was 3-4 cm dialated then at 7 I started pushing, at around 8:30 I had to have an emergency c-sec. I had the epidural when I was 8 cm dialated, it didn't really work or something bc I could feel the pain while pushing and when they were doing the c-sec. I could feel the baby in the birth ca___l and it really hurted! it was kind of shocking!One min they told me they could see the head and he was about to come and then next I am on the OR. He got stuck in the birh ca___l so he couldn't come out and he was getting distressed, this is why the c-sec. then at 10:12p he was born, they brought him over to me for a sec and then took him away. I didn't get to see him until next day at 4am. He weights 8 pd 11 ounces!! that is why he didn't fit thru the birrth ca___l! HE is such a big guy! anyway I am sorry if my story seems kind of funny or makes no sense but my pain killers are very strong and I am not thinking very straight. lol! So have you gotten any sleep? how is your hubby doing? how are you feeling emotionally?


Missy - October 10

I went to the hospital on 10/4 at 6AM for a scheduled inducement. At 7AM they hooked me up to potossin and at 7:30 or 8 my doctor broke my water. The contractions came fast and strong - so strong I threw up! At around 9:30 I got the epidural. At 11 AM I felt the urge to push (well, more like pressure), at 11:30 I was complete and at 12 my doctor arrived and I started pushing. I had her at 1:04 PM after 1 hr of pushing. She is so beautiful. You can see her at rudyandmelissa.piczo.com Be sure to put of pictures of Roman as soon as you feel up to it, Are you b___st or bottle feeding? How is he doing now? He is such a big boy - Natalia was only 7lb 4oz when she was born (21 inches long!!) and 6lbs 13 oz when we left the hospital. SHe is b___stfeeding well. OK, talk to you soon!!



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