Less Movement In 28th Week

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Swati - August 13

I am in my 28th week.Since the last 2 days i have noticed that my baby is not moving as much as he use to. he just moves 2-3 times a day n only about 4-5kicks/movemnets etc.I am worried.Could anyone tell me if this is normal or should i be worried.


padmaja - August 3

Absolutey No probs.Baby moves vigorously from 24 to 27 weeks.Later in 28th week the amniotic fluid gets excreting and the baby tends to settle in its position.It moves but not as vigorous as it was in the past few weeks.Again after a week or so,baby will kick u a lot!!!Coz now the level of amniotic fluid would be minimum and the actually feel of ur baby movements can be felt now..!!ENJOY!!!!


sarah - August 8

i would use a kick count form (you can get this from your doctor) and monitor your baby's movements. You shouold get at lest 10 kicks per two hours when you check your baby's movements once or twice a day, when she / he is most active. You should call your doctor immediately if there are less than four movemnets per hour or if you feel something isn't right. Be better safe than sorry. Good luck, I am am 29 weeks along and have phases where she kicks and where she is quite. she has never been a vigorous kicker though.


Alana - August 13

I have found that as my baby has gotten bigger, it moves less as well. I am now 32 weeks, and I find that it just king of pushes around, but doesn't really change positions. I think as long as you're feeling it a few times during the day, you are fine. The baby is beggining to have less room in there. Feel good


Jennifer - September 29

I'm 27 weeks, i had the same worries. She was quite a mover the past couple of weeks at night. Now her movements are calming and it gets me worried but i just got an ultrasound 3 days ago. Everything was perfect. Reading what I just read makes me feel better.



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