Let S Talk Fribroids

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Kelly - February 11

Wandering if I could get some chat and experiences on fibroids during pregnancy....I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, my first was 8 years ago and no complications. THis time around I heard that I have a fibroid about 7 cm (the size of my fist)....only one though so that's a bonus. I haven't experienced any pain at this point, but don't want any surprises...I've also heard that preterm birth is a risk of this also. Basically wandering if anyone is the same boat as me, or has experienced this with or without pain. Also hear that "excessinve bleeding" was a higher risk...I am already scheduled for a c section. And Hemmoraging could lead to hysterectamy (which I already decided prior to tie my tubes).....just real curious as to how it's going with others.....any news will benefit me....THanks a million!!!


pbj - February 11

My doctor discovered my fibroid during my pregnancy. I was feeling pain and didn't know why. I felt pain off and on throughout especially when I stood too long. I carried full term and had a completely normal v____al delivery. I think it depends on where the fibroid is located. When I was pregnant I found a lot of women with fibroid problems in the pregnancy complications forum...just in case you may want to find a few more women. You don't have much longer now, so I'm sure you will be fine. Good Luck.


rk - February 11

Hi Kelly, I'm 36 weeks and I also have a fibroid. I'm scheduled for a c section at 39 weeks. I haven't had any pain from the fibroid (that I know of) but they said it can obstruct the birth ca___l. I was in the hospital at 30 weeks for premature labor but it was brought on by dehydration, not the fibroid. Sorry I'm probably not much help since I'm pretty clueless about this!


Kelly - February 11

THanks you guys, RK I just went in Thursday (at 30 weeks) with the same thought of preterm labor....they didn't put me on bed rest but I did take the day off on Friday....I drank MUCH more water (which is tough for me I never was fond of water) all day Friday, and I feel great today....but I was concerned it had to do with my fibroid, it seems the doctors put this scare in you, and then shrug it off as no biggie......I'm also having a scheduled C at 39 weeks, not for the fibroid, because my 1st was a C....they did say the fibroid is in the back, and 3 weeks ago it was 3 cm from being "pushed on"...I'm guessing the womb?? Still no pain, but really wanting some bed rest :) just pooped!!


Kelly - February 11

PBJ, when did your pain start?? How large was your fibroid...where was your pain? CONGRATS On your baby!!!


Percy - January 13

I have two fibroids and they are large. about 9cms now. I am 23 wks. They do cause me a lot of discomfort, but I think that is due to the location. One is right below my belly b___ton and I can see and feel the bulge. We thought it was the baby but the dr said it was the fibroid. it is freaky. I worry about the pain, but it is tolerable.



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