Let S Welcome Faith Jordyn

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BriannasMummy - January 26

So my sister finally had her baby. She was due January 13th, and on January 25th they decided it was time to induce. We arrived at the hospital at 9:00am she was still 2-3cms (she had been since 34 weeks). At 11am they started the pitocin and they tried to break the waters but her cervix was still pretty posterior and high, so they were unsuccessful. The pitocin kicked in right away and she had some nasty contractions. Soon after they offered the epidural and she jumped. Once she had that she was once again HAPPY. The doc. returned at 2pm to find that she was still 2-3 BUT her cervix came ahead a lot. They were able to break her waters. At 5:25pm she was 10cm dialated and it was time to push. She dialated very quickly after her waters broke. When the head finally came out.. things got rough. The baby was lodged.. the resident doctor that was delivering started to panick and all of a sudden the room was full of nurses.. that hopped right up on top of the bed and started pushing on her stomach .. and screaming in her face to PUSH!! They called is "should displasia" (sp?). Finally Sandi gave it everything she had and Faith was born! She was born at 6:48pm weighing 9lbs 5oz and she was 21 1/4inches long. She got a second degree tear that needed some st_tches. She is awesome today though, and she was hoping to come home, in the end she has to wait until tomorrow. Things turned out splendidly!


DB - January 26

Congrats on your new neice!! I saw a show that had a baby being born that had shoulder dysplasia....Scary stuff!! That's one reason I don't want to go past my due date!! Glad everything's ok.


tritty - January 26

congrats on your niece! aren't they the greatest? it's nice to hear a successful induction story (i myself am being induced on wed.) i'm glad that everything is ok and that she is now enjoying her little girl. thanks for sharing the story with us!


Lala - January 26

It is called shoulder dystocia, and is very scary. Most any doctor would panic. How wonderful that it was succesfully handeled! Were baby's apgar scores okay?********CONGRATS to your family on a wonderful baby.


sahmof3 - January 26

Congrats on your new niece! Lots of these babies lately have been close to my son's birth size (9 lbs. 5 oz. 21").


mamagoose - January 26

Congrats! I'm glad to hear everyone's doing well. My brother (who is now 25) had shoulder dystocia while being delivered, and they had to break his collarbone to get him out... luckily, when they're that young they heal up very quickly and he's never had any problems since then, but it was a bit heartbreaking to see the little guy wearing a bra wrap for the first 6 weeks!


BriannasMummy - January 27

Thank you girls for clearing the real name of what happened up for me! I just heard the doctors talking back and fourth.. so i took it and ran. Faith and Sandi will be coming home today (they live with me). I believe both of her apgars were 10 out of 10.. they kept flapping her arm around to make sure her shoulder was okay. Im thankful that they didnt have to break her collarbone!! sahmof3.. its amazing.. Faith and your son were basically the same size! Thank you all for the happy wishes! ~Kristin~



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