Lifted Something Haevy At 34 Weeks Am I OK

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Tye - April 9

I ran out of soap today for washing clothes and only had an economy sized bottle of detergent - I lifted it to put it in smaller container and poured it the best I could. Now I am mad at myself because it was very heavy and I am 34 weeks pregnant. My question is even though I went against my better judgement and lifted something I shouldn't have would I already know it if something happened bad as result now that it is almost 2 hours latter. I mean there would be symptoms or something right. Please help me- I'm really kicking myself and I need reassurance-thankyou.


krista-lee - April 9

i dont fully understand the question... but lifting a box of laundry detergent should do any damage. i lift my 25 lb sister everyday and im fine : ]


krista-lee - April 9

ps; if you think there might be something wrong, after you lift something heavy check for bleeding or leaking. if it put alot of pressure on you it could have punctured your bag of waters, but i think you'd have to pick something up that was really heavy for that to happen.


Tye - April 9

What I am asking is if anything happened as I result of lifting something heavy-I would be aware of it -like I don't have to go get checked out just based on the fact that I lifted a real heavy bottle of detergent. It's just one of those things I wish I hadn't done IN HINDSIGHT AND i AM WONDERING WHAT IF ANYTHING i SHOULD BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR.


ssmith - April 9

I know it's natural to worry...believe me, I am the Queen Worrier!! But honestly, think about mothers who have toddlers, and lift them throughout their whole pregnancy?? They're fine, right! I worked at a daycare centre up until Friday (7th) the end of my 38 week. I was lifting children (25-30lbs.) right up until the end with no problem. I think they key is lifting properly, from your legs...NOT your back. A bottle of detergent is nothing compared to lifting up small children. I wouldn't worry!


Tess - April 9

ssmith is right...its natural to worry specially if you're this far along. I dont think there's anything to worry. Just keep in mind though....don't be lifting things if you that is HEAVY. Goodluck to you!


dee23 - April 10

i think its also to do with if you are constantly lifting heavy things and your body is immune sort they say dont run for excercise if you never usually did it before u fell preggo. i did the same thing a little while ago, i bought too much shopping and then realised that it had to get out of the car and into the house silly me i brought it all in and it was so bloody heavy, even though i knew that it was over my limit, but that was over a month ago and everything is still fine......generally id say that u shouldnt make a habit out of it though.


Amanda R - April 10

If you had done any real damage, you would have felt it at the time. You would have had some sort of pain, accompanied by v____al bleeding, water breaking...something. I think that you are probably A-ok. Dee's right. If you are fairly used to lifting heavy items, then you should be fine. We have a farm and I lift 50 pound sacks of feed, full 5 gallon buckets, etc. and haven't had any trouble. At about 24 weeks, I lifted a tub that was really too heavy and had some sharp stabbing pains in my side. I rested for a while and all was fine. Good luck!!


Tye - April 10

Thanks everybody-this all makes me feel much better! I'm sure everything is fine now.



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