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jenna32 - October 19

when the baby has turned into the head down position, has anyone noticed less kicking/moving,especially up further? i think she still moves up toward my ribs sometimes,but i don't know if she'd able to just kick up there still,my doctor hasn't said anything about her turning yet.35 weeks now (but measuring 2 ahead), i know there is still time but i don't think she's in that position yet. i still get heartburn sometimes and don't feel a ton of pressure there but i do have to pee all the time,breathings only better half the time.


Pipa - October 19

My baby has definitely dropped, doc said head was down there and I'm already dilating and over 50% effaced. I can still feel kicks around my ribs. I thought I wouldn't feel that since he's moved down and they say you have more breathing room but I've always thought I have a sort of short torso so I think he's long enough to still reach. I haven't had any slowing down of movement and he's getting stronger by the day! One sign that he's moved down may be discomfort in the pelvic area. As soon as he moved down I started feeling like I'd pulled a groin muscle and it's just gotten gradually worse as my pelvis stretches open. It's a good pain though b/c he'll be here soon!


synesthesia1821 - October 19

k. I feel stupid for asking this, but how do you know if the baby has dropped into the pelvis for sure? Because my pelvic pain has only gotten worse, but has been present for quite some time now.Recently has been very severe though. I still feel the kicks under my ribs, and I still feel like I can't breathe. Anyone HELP? PLEASE.


synesthesia1821 - October 19

Also feel like I have had to pee alot more, but upon trying to pee, don't get much. But it doesn't burn and I've been checked for a UTI. also have had MUCH WORSE sciatic pain. I really hurt so I hope that that's what this is. I can't even cross my d__ned legs.


Pipa - October 20

I can only speak for myself but I know that my baby has definitely dropped and that that's what was causing the changes I was feeling she confirmed all that I told her as being normal signs of dropping. However, there are other things that effect your joints such as the increased amount of relaxin which opens up joints and makes them looser. As for the peeing thing I guess that could be because your baby is growing but for me all of this, regardless of the fact of still feeling the occa__sional kick in my ribs, was part of dropping. Everybody and every body is different though, the only person that can really confirm your baby's position is the doctor. Mine did so with the cervical exam but even before that she could tell b/c using the tape measure she could see that he was lower.



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