Like Old Times

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MariaMaria - February 11

Hello, I am currently 28 weeks pregnant getting prenatal care from a clinic that won't do an ultrasound on me. I have asked many many times and they say they don't do them until they suspect there is something wrong with baby, and that I am gonna have to go just like old days. I am measuring what I should, blood sugar normal, no urinary infections, baby moves all the time, taking iron and gaining a normal range of weight, but i worry a lot about my baby missing a body part or anything like that. This is my and husband first baby and are desperate to know the s_x. We have not bought anything at all for baby because we dont know what it is and also have not been able to come up with a name. Time is running out! I tried to switch clinics but no one will take me because I am "too far along". I hate this and i don't know what to do. Ah! another thing, i found a place that will do an ultrasound but need a signed form of consent from my provider and when I told them this, they say they are not allowed to do that either!!! I am very p___sed off. By the way, I live in Dallas, TX and attending a Parkland Clinic. Sorry about rambling on and on... Anyone else in this kind of situation?


julieB - February 13

Hello Maria, I am almost 36 weeks along and I had an ultrasound when I was 6 weeks, 8 weeks, only because I went to the emergency room for cramps, and the regular 20 week organ check and size up of my baby.. which they told me it was a boy.. . My doctor, on the other hand, will not give me another ultrasound because he says that I am carrying normally and that the heartbeat is also in normal range. I ask him when he does a fundus measurement what size and position the baby is in and he just ignores me or tells me that it does not matter because if the baby is big I cant do nothing about it..Although the baby has been head down for the last 2 months. I really cant stand him.. I just keep thinking that it will only be a few more weeks till I never have to see him.. Dont stress yourself about it..


bean - February 13

If your doctor won't consent to an u/s, then insurance won't see it as a medical need and won't pay for it either. And if no other dct will take you, then sounds like your only option is to pay for your own u/s if you really want one done. It is a great experience, and it's interesting that your dct doesn't want to check out major organs and measure limbs and all that. My dct only gives one u/s at 18wks, but at least I did get to experience that one. The other "cheating" alternative is to go to the ER and complain of cramps or something, and demand an u/s. But again, with ER copay fees, you might just be better off getting your own u/s done.



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