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Megs - October 18

I saw you post somewhere and cannot remember now but wanted to see how you are doing!!! How far along are you now?? Are you having a singleton or twins?? :-) Do you know the gender of your babes?? hope things are going wonderful for you!!!!


DaBonkElsMe - October 18

Megs, i too saw that Lin had been posting around. I think she is due just a few weeks before me, I'm wondering how she is doing too!


LIN - October 18

Hey ladies! Great to see you two here! Yep, I've mainly been lurking for the last couple weeks, but I've posted a couple times. I haven't been on the board in ages, since life has just been incredibly hectic this whole pregnancy with crazy stuff going on at work, then my sister having a baby, then my dh's parents visiting, etc. I'm doing well, but I'm starting to get really uncomfortable and crabby. I'm 34w3d, and I'm huge. I'm getting sick of people looking at my like I've got two heads when I tell them I still have at least a month left. My little guy (yep, just one boy) is transverse and has been for at least the last two months, and it's very uncomfortable. He's also a big one. He measured 5 lbs 3 oz at my 32w2d u/s, and my fundal height measurement was 2 weeks ahead. I'll have another u/s sometime next week to check again, and I'm hoping the last one was an anomaly. My doc said we'll also start talking about an ECV and the possibility of a c-section at my appointment next week. How are you two doing? I want updates!


staci - October 18

Hi LIN!!!! I wonder about you all of the time! Good to hear you are doing well! I wanted to tell you that my little girl is breech and we're thinking of doing a ECV in about 1 1/2wk-2wks if she doesn't turn by then. I have a u/s tomorrow to confirm her position again and to check to see if maybe i have to much fluid that is allowing her to turn (we believe she is going from head down to breech off and on) Anyway, just thought I'd tell you what was going on since you may be doing the same thing. And wow, he is going to be a very healthy boy huh?! That is great! Well, again good to hear from you LIN!


Megs - October 18

Aw, Lin! LOL Gotta love life and it's gonna get even crazier with your little man arriving SOON!!! :-) He is big already! You're gonna have a 10 pound babes on your hands! Keep us updated on your dr. appt. and what's decided with the ECV and c-section... So getting ready for time off from work and such?? Decided on any names?? How exciting for your baby boy and your sis' baby to be relatively close in age! :-) They can grow up together and be the bestest of friends!!! I've been away from the site for a while due to all the craziness that happened a while ago... Just keeping an eye on this third tri board for all my ladies! :-) Nothing really new here... Still not pg, but that's okay. Dh has just gotten a job he hopes to turn into a successful career (FINALLY!) and I'm hoping to graduate come May! :-) (Again, FINALLY!! LOL) I think we're gonna get back into the TTC game come December as that's when insurance will kick in from dh's new job and hope to have a baby come the end of next year! I've just been trying to get healthy with all the PCOS and stuff and on the weight loss journey still... Dh and I have put our house up for sale, it's now been three weeks, and we'll just have to wait and see what happens! That's about it here... Not much excitement! LOL I'm so excited for you, and the rest of the ladies who all started out this journey together, to have your babes!!!! :-)


staci - October 18

Megs congrats on dh's new career and graduating in may!!! Sounds like you all have a good plan! Good luck with your house!


LIN - October 19

Hi ladies! Megs, I'm sorry to hear that you're not pregnant yet, but I'm glad that everything's going well for you. Congrats on your upcoming graduation!!! Staci, please keep me updated on how your u/s and ECV go. I'd like to read all about the experience. As far as I can tell, it's pretty much a mixed bag. Some people say it's painful, and others say it's not. Some docs give drugs, and others don't. My doc hasn't told me her protocol yet. I guess I'll find out next week. Good luck! Hey Megs, can you give me an update on how everyone else is doing, since you've been snooping?


jessieb - October 19

hi... I am snooping around too.!! Since it is the end of my pregnancy as well. Life got crazy for me during this pregnancy, we opened a business. It is great and we hope to make some money soon! ahahh!! I am 36w4d today. Getting anxious anxious anxious! We never found out what I am carrying. I highly recommend not finding out for those who can wait. It has been really fun guessing and predicting and hearing all the old wives tales. AND, most importantly, we got lots of GREAT neutral baby gifts! We want to have a couple kids so I can reuse everything, boy or girl. I have had my textbook, perfect pregnancy that I always knew I would have. I have been dubbed 'the happiest pregnant woman' by many in town. ahah!!! My husband can't believe how content I have been and he said 'you never complain'. I was just so relieved to finally make it past the first trimester!! As of last tuesday, I was 1 cm. baby is head down, has not 'dropped' yet, but in the position. I still talk to Venus di Milo via email. She is doing well and 30 weeks now!! Awesome huh? I dont' want to spoil it for her, but she is having a girl!! I should email her and tell her to stop by here.


staci - October 19

Ok LIN, had my u/s today and I'm just gonna post the same one I posted on a few other threads so I don't have to keep typing the same thing lol! ----Hi girls! Well my appt went ok today. Graci is frank breech (feet up by her head), I have plenty of fluid (but not to much) and the placenta is way out of the way so she is a good candidate to be turned. We got to see her girly part again and it looked just like ours lol! So I said "SHEW! WE CAN KEEP THE ROOM PINK!" LOL! She was playing with her feet and moving lots and the tech said she has hair. Now get this, we got a good estimate on her wt. ARe you ready? 6LBS13OZ!!!!!!!! Might as well say I have a 7lber already at 35wks! So if we do the version I have a feeling my dr will want to do it asap. I feel better about doing it now that I know things are in our favor. Anyway, I have a feeling we're going to have to do it because she is so big already and I have a feeling she doesn't want to budge on her own. It was sooo good to see her though. We got to see every part and she kept looking at us on the screen (i'm sure she wasn't really looking at us lol) So that's how my appt went, we will know more on Tuesday.---So I will let you know Tuesday what we decide and most likely the version will be next week or the begining of the following week. I've heard from several people that it is uncomfortable and some say it hurts. Now, some of the people that said this just heard from other, it wasn't their real experience. I figure I went through natural labor and birth with ds, I can handle this. I'm going to have to if i don't want a c-section huh?! When will you know something? You're not far behind me at all and you have a big one in there too! Hope to hear from you soon.


Megs - October 19

Wow Staci, that is exciting news!! Hopefully she'll cooperate and TURN on Tuesday! Are you going to be induced early with the hopes or her staying head down?? Jessib, good to hear from you as well!! :-) That's so exciting Venus is 30 weeks already! Let's think of who all there is... (I hope no one minds me updating you here!! if so, I'm sorry!!) Well, Krissy just got her BFP after loosing her baby at (i believe 10 weeks), keeping everything crossed this one is ultra sticky!!! Marcelle, is in her third round on Clomid with starting testing come Monday!!! :-) Annie is in her first TWW after having and HSG, HCG shot, and on her first round on clomid after being dx with endo, Harriet is in her TWW with the prospects of starting Clomid if this cycle is a bust... Sarah (indenial) has just entered her TWW so we're hoping for lots of BFP this go around! I'm sure you've seen that Hapistuff has had her twins, Sarah (Frozenfeet) had her little boy, Case B, Socalmom, Jeanette, Lissica have all had their babes as well... Um, Ella is coming very close to her due date as well... I'm thinking that's about it that has not already posted! Hope that covers everyone!!! ;-) Two cycles ago I had a chemical pregnancy but even though it didn't stick, it's so very comforting to know that all does work we just need a good juicy eggie with the right sperm! LOL Oh, and you'll be so happy to hear my cycles ARE somewhat straightening out thanks to the holistic Dr! :-) Check out my lovely and still confusing charts (home/maemay03)! :-) This cycle it's somewhat unclear of when I o'd so just waiting for AF to arrive to let me know! LOL Gosh, keep updating on how things go, K?? All you ladies!!! I miss the wonderful ladies that was here when I first started my addition! now, it's like a whole new bunch of ladies, but for a good reason might I add! :-)


staci - October 19

Hey Megs! I'm gonna ask them about inducing if she stays head down. For some reason I'm thinking they will say no, but you don't know until you ask huh? I got the news from Krissy the other day, soooo Happy for her! And Megs a chemical? So sorry! But like you said now you know you all can make it happen. Well need to go, I'll keep you updated!


LIN - October 20

Wow, I guess I have been away awhile! I'm so sorry to hear about your chemical, Megs, and Krissy's miscarriage! Good that she's got another bfp, though. Also good that you're keeping your spirits up and looking on the bright side. That can definitely be tough to do. I wish you both the best! Jessieb, it's good to hear from you! I hope your happiest pregnant woman continues on to be happiest woman in delivery! My pregnancy has, up to this point, been a rather easy one, too. No morning sickness and no complaints up to now. But of course now I'm swollen and have carpel tunnel in both wrists, and bubbo is in such an uncomfortable position it feels sometimes like he's trying to come out my side. But still, no big complaints here. I'm very thankful for what I have, and I'm just eager to meet my new little man. Best of luck to everyone, and please pa__s on a hello and good luck to Venus for me!


jessieb - October 20

I did not know about your chemical either Megs, I am sorry. I know from experience how disappointing and frustrating pregnancy can be when it does not go as it should. I had known about krissy's miscarriage but not her second BFP!! Yippe!! I am sure you won't be far behind now. WOW, and I had no idea how many had welcomed their LOs already! I just peeked at your chart and thought I would share my little tidbit, I had a significant temp drop the day I got my BFP.... totally against common temp knowledge! ahah!! not to make things more confusing but you just never know what can happen! I think that you chart looks great! I forgto mention that AMber#2 (if you know her) her daughter is 10 weeks old now and cute as a b___ton! Her name is Gracie. Oh and they just moved into a new house this week! She is a busy little mom of three now! I will send venus the love and I will tell her to stop by! My next appt is tuesday, they will check my cervix again. I will let you know if I progressed. (eeeek!)


VenusdiMilo - October 22

HELLO LADIES, I'M HERE!!! I decided to stick my head in today and found this. It's great to see some familiar names. First I want to say Megs keep your head up girl your day WILL come, I believe that. I am also happy that things are going great for you and DH. Sometimes that's all it takes for you to get what you truly's kinda like tying up the loose ends, you know what I mean. Good luck with everything>>>>>>LIN, It's great to hear from you!! Sorry the little guy is in a transverse position but I'm sure everything will be just fine. Please keep us posted>>>>>>>>>So ladies today I am 31wks. along and I am sooo anxious to meet my little girl. I've been daydreaming about her like crazy and I just can't wait to have her in my arms. I too have been having a great pregnancy...won't complain at all. I am so thrilled to be here right now I will go through fire if I have to...that's just how I feel. Anyhow, my little one is already in the head down position from my last visit (10/15) so I am thrilled about that. She is extremely active and I was afraid she would be all over the place up until delivery but luckily she kicked her way into the proper position LOL!! She was measuring a week older at my 20 wks. u/s at the hospital and the doc didn't want to change my due date (12/24) because she figured it wasn't a big difference. I don't really know her exact weight right now due to the fact my doc doesn't have the high-tech equipments but he a__sured me every time that she's growing beautifully....that's all I care about...she'll come when she's ready. We have names picked out already but sorry ladies I will not tell. DH and I decided to keep that to ourselves until she's born ;-) I will have my first shower this Friday from DH's co-workers and the other from my SIL this Sunday. I am super excited about them both. I don't have a nursery b/c we have a 1 bedroom apartment but we plan to move in about 6 months after she's born...hopefully get a house. We just got a new car so I'm happy about that. Things are great!! Anyhow, enough about me. Take care of yourselves ladies and I'll be in touch. Blessings to you all.


jessieb - October 23

Hola venus! You found this before I could email you! I am going for my 37 week appt today. I will let you know what happens. I was 1 cm last week. I am sure it will be the same. Lin, I hope he turns for you! I was a breech baby! Back when women were still allowed to deliver breech.I was actually the last baby the doctor delivered breech. YIKES, can you imagine? My mom teased me about it my whole life : )


krissy2006 - October 23

I see how it is everyone! So this is where all the cool people hang out!!! I have missed you all!!!


staci - October 23

Ok LIN and Megs, My little girl turned!!!! She was moving soooo much over ther weekend and felt like she was transverse, but had no idea she was head down! I am so relieved! The midwife says she can still move back but most of the time they will stay put. I am 1 fingertip dialated and still firm. She thinks I can maybe be induced in 2weeks! Anyway, just updating you. Praying next week she will still be head down ;) Hope you girls are doing well! LIN have you started your every week appts yet? Just wondering if you have been back to the dr since this thread was started? Hi krssiy, venus and jessie :)



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