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socalmom - November 26

Hey Lin, How is it going? Have you had your baby boy yet? I'm so out of the loop these days! I was just wondering how you are doing, let me know if you get a chance.


LIN - November 26

Hey you! How are you doing?! I've only recently started browsing the forum again. Yes, I had my little boy 5 weeks ago, even though today is his actual due date. Even as a preemie he was 6 lbs 6 oz at birth, and I just weighed him at a baby shop down the road today at 9 lbs. He was born via c-section 22 hours after my water broke. I'd finally made it to 8 cm and would have been to 10 within a few more hours, but my temperature and his heart rate were increasing due to infection, so they had to cut. He was in fantastic shape (Apgar of 9) and came home from the hospital with me when I went home. He's been an absolute dream, and I love him to pieces! So what's up with you? I'd like an update, too!


January - November 26

Lin, we had the same due date and I had my baby girl on the 7th. Glad to hear your lil boy is doing well despite being so early.


socalmom - November 28

Oh Lin I am so glad that you finally have your little one! It is also good to hear that he is doing good even though he was a bit early! It sounds like he is doing wonderfully..a 3 lb. gain!! I sure hope you are enjoying mommyhood! As for me, my little guy is 3 months old all ready! He is doing great all ready very active (like his sister) oh and she just loves him and likes being a big sister. He was a section baby too, I had a planned section date but I didn't make it to it he was born at 36 1/2 weeks and he was fine after they got his blood sugar squared away. Anyway I have some pictures up on piczo.... If you go to I am under socalmom there are some newborn pictures at the top and some recent ones way at the bottom of the page. Do you have a pictures of your boy up anywhere? Oh how about a name? Well take care and enjoy every minute of that precious baby!



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