Lindsey And Mommie2b

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Lindsey - June 13

I'm still here....... my internal is at 2:20 today so i'm keeping my fingers crossed something is hapening. jenn2 - when i can't get back to sleep - i normally get up and put somthing on the telly with a hot milk/cocoa. i find that if i stay in bed my mind starts thinking about impending labour. Have your drink and then go back to bed, you'll find it much easier to go back to sleep. 'Bump' has become less active in the last few days, i'm still getting my recommended 10 movements a day but i think the poor thing does't have much room. So thats me at 40w2d today, i'll let you know later how i get on at the hospital. Mommie2be - good luck for Thursday, I personally am trying to avoid that day as it is my own birthday and i don't wnna share lol. Speak to you later, i can't wait to hear Lindsay's birth story.


Jenn2 - June 13

Lindsey- let me know how your appointment goes this afternoon. Thanks for the advice on helping me get back to sleep. I was reading some statistics on each week from 37 weeks to 42+ weeks on when women go into labor. According to the stats appx. 75% of women should have had their babys by the end of the 41st week. Another 20% will have their babys in the 42nd week......and about 5 to 10% would have thier babys past 42 weeks (if it were allowed by the doctor and no induction took place). I will be 41 full weeks this thursday, so unless she shows up in the next 48 hours......I will be in the last 25% of women who have their babies past 41 weeks. I am praying she comes in the next day or two. I would love to not make it to my doctors appointment on thursday b/c I already had her, or at least was in labor at that time. I guess we will see. Lindsey and mommie2b....hope all is well with you two.


Lindsey - June 13

I'm back home - appointment was ok - i have been booked in for an induction on Friday 23rd june if I haven't gone on my own by then, I'm praying that I do go before but nevermind if i go to next Friday then so be it. I have to go in the night before. I'm pretty sure I will be the last one with the birth story but then i'm 3/4 days later than you lot. I don't have any more appointments planned but I have the midwife phoning me Thursday to see how I am. Speak soon xxx


Jenn2 - June 13

Lindsey- You and I will definately be the last two standing since mommie2b has induction date set for this thursday. The only way it wont be just us is if I go naturally in the next 24 hours. I do not have any induction date set as of yet, and I really want her to come naturally, so I will probably hold out as long as my doctor will allow.


mommie2b - June 13

I am gettin nervous as it gets closer. I hope that you all will get to see your little ones soon. I want to hear when you all have them and all that good stuff and want to make sure you both are doin great. GOOD LUCK LINDSAY AND JENN AND THE OTHER LINDSEY.


Lindsey - June 13

Hi, i've just posted a thread regarding labour, please read, i'm a little bit stressy at the moment as I'm waiting this out. You know i'll keep you posted, xx


angelbebe - June 13

Hey ladies, I know this isn't my thread, but I keep checking to see how you all are doing. Any day now for all of you!! Let's definitely keep in touch after your babies have arrived!


Lindsey - June 14

Oh my god, my waters broke at 2am this morning (UK time), I've been to hospital and been checked, I have opted to come home until the contractions are 3-5 minutes part (I only live 10 mins from hospital), so I'm currently trying to keep my mind off the contractions I am feeling every 7 minutes. If it comes to 8am tomorrow morning then I have to go in anyway. So I'm sorry guys, looks like I may beat you. Mommie2be, good luck for tomorrow, ours may be born the same day if I dont go today which i'm keeping my fingers crossed as I said prevoiously it's my own birthday on hursday. This will no doubt be my last post until my baby is born, unless nothing happens all day and i'll post later. Jenn2, sorry mate I feel a bit guilty that it looks like I'll be beating you


Jenn2 - June 14

Lindsey- Wow! I know you are excited! I guess I am officially going to be the last one standing in that mommie2b is being induced in 24 hours. who knows though.....maybe something could happen in the next 24 hours. I cant wait to hear your birth story when you return. Maybe by the time you get home from the hospital.....I will have already had my little girl (hopefully). I never imagined one week of my life could go this slow. anyway, mommie2b- I hope to hear from you one last time before your big day. good luck to you both!!


mommie2b - June 14

I beat your happy lindsey the day has finally come. Jenn yours will come to and your gonna love it. I am gettin so nervous about tomorrow and I got a bigger problem with the father he now is tryin to contact me after he did not want nothin to do with it or he did nto act like it and I moved to tennessee to be around family and now here he is tryin to find me and I have a feeling that he is goin to try and take it but my friend has not told him where I am at or anythin so maybe he will leave it alone and plus he is mentally abusive when I was with him I do not want that around this baby. WHAT TO DO? GOOD LUCK JENN AND LINDSEY I WISH THE BEST


Nita_ - June 14

mommie2b - i've been following your thread for a while now. Glad everyone is going to see their babies' pretty soon! I have 1.5 weeks to go to my due date, so lets see...i might be overdue as well. Before I go rambling again, I started to write to you about the father. I would recommend not to have him around too especially since he was mentally abusive. That's something you don't want around especially when you are trying to deal with changes in your body, plus the newborn etc. Am glad your friend did not give away where you are. If you have caller id, I would not pick up his ph call even if he calls. Or have someone in your family answer it and tell him you don't want to talk to him and thats it. I'm sorry you have to deal with this now. Good luck with ur baby birth!


melanie - June 14

Jenn2 I am still around too. I still haven't had my baby and don't think I will on my own, so unless I have her on my own I will be induced on sunday. I hope we both go on our own soon.


Jenn2 - June 14

mommie2b- I am sorry to hear your baby's father is trying to find you....when that is not something you want. I know that must just be added stress right now, and is not something you need to have around when you are about to give birth. I wish you the best, and I hope for your sake he does not find you. melanie- its nice to see someone else who is as overdue as I am. I dont know what to think anymore?? I just had a family friend tell me today that she went to 43 weeks with her first child!!!! I was thinking.....PLEASE DONT TELL ME THAT!! I have a doctor's appointment tommorow, so I will see what he has to say. Unless I go into labor tonight on my own......I will post tommorow and tell you what my doc says.


mommie2b - June 14

I just hope he gives up. I see 2 more girls on here how are you all? jenn are you hangin in there? I hope it will come soon for you.


Trinity102203 - June 14

I will also be officially overdue tomorrow, 40 weeks, 1 day. So i am with you all too. You won't be alone. I will have an induction scheduled next week too, but I don't want to. I lost my mucus plug FINALLY today, so maybe something is happening. Good luck all.


Jenn2 - June 15

Well, I am up in the middle of the night and can't sleep. I was having some menstral type cramps (nothing real bad), but no contractions. so, I dont really know what that means. Hopefully something is about to start. At 41 weeks.....I dont know what else that could mean. I have not yet felt cramps like this in my pregnancy, so I dont know?? Trinity, melanie, and Nita.....feel free to join this thread since I am now officially the last "original" one left. mommie2b is being induced today (thursday), so she wont be on here anymore besides to tell her birth story afterwards. I will still post until I go into labor.....and who knows when that will be. I would love the company until then. Good luck to all of you......and hopefully you wont make it as overdue as I am right now.



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