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Jenn2 - June 15

Well, I am up in the middle of the night and can't sleep. I was having some menstral type cramps (nothing real bad), but no contractions. so, I dont really know what that means. Hopefully something is about to start. At 41 weeks.....I dont know what else that could mean. I have not yet felt cramps like this in my pregnancy, so I dont know?? Trinity, melanie, and Nita.....feel free to join this thread since I am now officially the last "original" one left. mommie2b is being induced today (thursday), so she wont be on here anymore besides to tell her birth story afterwards. I will still post until I go into labor.....and who knows when that will be. I would love the company until then. Good luck to all of you......and hopefully you wont make it as overdue as I am right now.


melanie - June 15

Jenn I am still here as well. I have had braxton hicks all day but no pain, so I guess I will just have to be induced on sunday. Looks like we have very stubborn little girls that are just too comfortable. I have tried everything in the book to try and get my labor started I even tried castor oil twice and would you believe it made constipated the 2 times, It had the opposite effect on me, so I just gave up and here I am still no baby.


Jenn2 - June 15

melanie- Its good to still have someone to talk to on here. I just got back from my doctors appointment and I am dilated about 2cm and he said I was thinning out nicely. He knows I do not want to be induced unless there is a medical urgency, so he has given me one more week, and if nothing......I will then be induced. I dont think I will make it another week......I just cant see that happening. anyway, let me know how things go with you. here's to the wait!!


Trinity102203 - June 15

Ah, so it's a girl thing. Mine is a girl too. My first came at 38 weeks, which was nice. No frustration or waiting game, kind of a surprise. This is getting ridiculous, I can imagine how you feel at 41 weeks. I am 40 weeks and 2 days and am very very very frustrated right now. I can't help but think that since I am waiting for something to happen, it isn't going to happen. But then again, the same person probably says that if you watch a pot waiting for it to boil, it won't, and I have witnessed a many a pot boiling while watching. I'd have something more to do with my free time if I would just have this baby. LOL. I have a 2 year old and she is starting not to believe there is a baby in there. Good luck, best wishes for tomorrow or middle of tonight.


Jenn2 - June 16

I am not sure if anyone read my thread about my doctors appointment from another post, but when I went to the doc yesterday (6/15) he stripped my membranes since I was progressing a little more. Since then I have been cramping on and off (just feels like menstral cramps). They are not real rhythmic, so I am a__suming this is not early labor? I do hope however that this means something is about to start. Trinity and melanie- If you both are still you know if this is a sign of very early labor? Like I said its been going on for hours now, but it is not real rhythmic. Is this just me dilating more?


melanie - June 16

Jenn I am still here and no baby yet. I guess I am being induced on sunday. Anyways I haven't had any of the menstrual cramping yet but I remember when I was in labor last time the nurse asked me what I was feeling and that I told her menstrual cramping. so it could be the beggining of something for you. I have still had the braxton hicks contractions going on three days now and still nothing. they don't get any closer and don't get any stronger. I seriously doubt I will go into labor on my own before sunday morning so I guess I don't have to buy my husband anything for father's day, lol.


Trinity102203 - June 17

Yeah, when I had my membranes stripped last monday, I thought for sure something was happening too. I had bad cramps and contractions all day that day and onward for about another day and then on Wednesday I lost my mucus plug and here I am on Saturday, STILL PREGNANT!!!!!! I just can't believe it. I just knew I wouldn't be pregnant this long.


Trinity102203 - June 18

Okay, now I feel alone.



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