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jwhite - June 22

I have changed and scooped the litter box my whole pregnancy has anyone else done that? My mom did the litter the box the whole time she was pregnant with my sister and my sister is fine.


GraphxGirl - June 22

My mom just lives up the street so she comes over everyday to do it for me... of course there has been a time here and there that I have had to do it myself but I avoid it as much as I can.


mrsfiveday - June 22

Actually my doctor told me that If youve had cats all your life, you are more then likely immune to toxo. I restarted cleaning my littler box at 34 weeks...Just wear rubber gloves and wash your hands afterwards.


tryingx3 - June 22

I have heard the same that if you have lived with cat all your life you are probably okay, but I haven't risked it. Rubber gloves sound like a great idea.


livdea - June 22

I heard that its not good to be around kitty litter at all, even smelling it. I don't know though! I'm a dog person! ;)


CamysMama - June 22

Luckily my soon-to-be-dh won't let me do it since we found out about the toxo, even though I'm sure I'm probably immune. I was always the one to scoop the poop before we learned I was pregnant. When he's gone to a convention, I wear plastic gloves, and wash really well with soap afterwards, just in case.


Mingill - June 22

I've looked into the whole litter thing, I even called our vet. The major concern is Toxoplasmosis, which is a parasite your cat can pick up from eating raw meat or infected critters (mice, etc.). It is recommended that you clean the litter box daily, so that if there are parasites or larvae, you get rid of them before they hatch. The way for humans to catch toxoplasmosis is if you touch infected cat feces and then injest the parasite (so you have to touch the feces and then stick your fingers in your mouth, you can also be infected if you rub your eye). It is recommended that someone else clean the litter, just to be safe, but if you must clean it, wear disposable gloves and wash your hands really well after you are done cleaning the kitty litter. If your cat(s) never go outside and you don't feed them raw meat, the chance of them being infected is very slim. You can take your cat to the vet and have them tested to be sure. I also asked my vet if there were any toxins in the cat's urine I should worry about, and she said there were none. Again, just call your vet, they have all your cats records, they can tell you if there is anything to worry about. Aside from aversion to the odour, there is nothing wrong with kitty litter and if you have been cleaning it, you are likely fine, just be sure to really wash your hands.


dee23 - June 22

i heard that it had something to do with inhaling the kat littler fumes after its been pooed in aswell as touching it, is that true?


mrsfiveday - June 22

dee 23: I don't believe that you can inhale it through the fumes. It is a parasite and you need to come in contact with it physcally. I also read somewhere that the little larvae can be transported on your cats fur itself.


mischelly30 - June 23

I live alone and have no one to change it for me. I've been doing it my whole pregnancy--my doc just told me to be sure to wear gloves.


Mingill - June 23

As far as I know, it can't be inhaled, but if it concerns you, you could wear a mask. The experts also caution against gardening without gloves, because you never know what cat has been using your garden as it's own personal litterbox.


DeeJay - June 28

I work in an animal shelter, and clean up about 25 litter boxes a day, so I did big time reserch into this. Catching Toxo is very rare, you actually have to ingest the parasite. If you have been around cats alot during your life, or even are an avid gardner, you have probably already been exposed. I took precautions such as wearing gloves and washing my hands alot and changing my clothes as soon as I got home, I even had the bloood test to double check, but I am fine. I know for a fact that I have been around cats with toxo, we have 2 at the shelter, so I have probable been immune for along time. I think common sense here is the key.



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