Little Emy Finally Came

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krista-lee - June 11

well for the people who dont know me, im Krista :) and im 16 and live in Newfoundland Canada. i woke up 2 PM on the 7th feeling really stomach sick. my boyfriend (daddy :)) was freaking out thinking it might be labor but there wasnt any pain. so around 1 AM on June 8th i started getting sore muscle pains in my back that lasted until 3, when the contractions started. they werent painful at all, they felt kinda like i had to poo really bad, but i didnt. they kept comming about every 7 minutes and lasted only 40-50 seconds. I went to the hospital at 7AM with my grandmother to make sure it was actually labor. (they say the contractions are all over the stomach, but mine were just in my lower abdomen) so they hooked me up the the machine, and my contractions were 4 minutes apart. i was dilated 1 cm, but cervix was posterior as not thinned. so they admitted me and moved me into a room, which they kicked me out of 10 minutes later and put me in a different one at about 11PM. i called my boyfriend and he came in right away, same with me mom. the contractions were still not as painful as i imagined (every 4 minutes and lasting a minute now) so i got up and walked around the hospital for a few hours. my doctor came in and checked me at about 9:30 PM. i was 3 cm and just about 100% effaced. they decided to move me on down to the delivery room so it was more private. as soon as i got into that room the contractions got HORRIBLE. i didnt have any drugs at all throughtout the day so these hit like a tun of bricks!! they refused to give me any demerol if i wanted the epidural so i waited it out. the nurse then checked me and i was at 9 CM fully effaced and the head was on the way out, i could definetly feel her comming down!! i said screw the epidural and just give me anything, so they gave me something (not sure) to calm it down. all it did was dull the contractions, so i felt the whole birth! she checked again and the head was already crowning so she ran to get my doctor and he rushed in. he changed VERy qucikly and ran into the room. i only pushed about 10 times then the head was out. he told me to stop pushing so he could cut the cord that was around her neck. last push and she was out at 11:04 PM. screaming and looking beautiful. she was 6lbs 15oz, and 19 inches long. she had a perfect apgar score. they finally handed her to me and i couldnt believe that she was the little thing inside me for so long! it was amazing. my boyfriend wasnt there for the actual pushing because it happened so fast and they said there was so time to go get anyone. but a nurse went and got him the second the cord was cut. i left the hospital on the 10th at 5 PM. we came home and she was perfect. she doesnt cry AT ALL unless shes cold when shes getting changed, she only wimpers when shes hungry or dirty! she gets up about 3 times a night, but daddys doing all the dirty work. im doing good, i got 10 st_tches in the penetrium and 4 in my urethal opening. other then that im doing perfectly fine! i lost 23 lbs right after the birth, and my tummys still a little doughy but back for the most part : ] i hope everyone has a great delivery like i did, i thought it would be HORRIBLE because of a few stories i read on here, but it wasnt, and the pain i went through at the end was totally worth my baby girl. Emy Alicia Leigh is her official name and shes got daddys last name and looks exactly like him when he was a baby, except she has mty blue eyes!! im posting a picture of her on MYSPACE in a few minutes so go see her : ) im starting a piczo site also!


livdea - June 11

Krista...I just went and checked out your pic of Emy! She is BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you are doing so well! Take care!


Ca__sie06 - June 11

wow! She is so pretty!! :) I am so glad to hear you had such a positive birth experience! Good luck taking care of your precious little girl!


lindsay - June 11

congrats... what a great story! i'm so happy you finally had little emy :-) i've been following you for so long and am happy to hear your beautiful story!!! yay for you!!!


ChannY - June 12

Aw congrats:) Enjoy Mummyhood!


Nita_ - June 12

ohh Krista! I'm sooo happy for you. And thanks for posting your story, gives me a little hope that my labor would go well too! Congrats on your little angel! Take care!



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