Logan Terry Is Here

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KimS - February 13

Hey everyone, Logan came into the world on Feb 9th at 12:21 pm. I was put on the emergency induction list on Wed Feb 7 due to high bp, got called in on Thurs Feb 8. I was not dialated and my cervix was still high, thick and hard so they put in cervadil to ripen my cevix, at 3 pm on Feb 8, which is a 12 hr release drug and they warned me that most first time moms would need 2 doses!!! well lucky for me my water broke on it's own at 11 pm, and I went in to labour on my own without the oxytoxin... I dialted on my own to 4 cm by 5 am on Feb 9, they then gave me an epidural and then oxytoxin to augment my contractions, since the were irregular. Well at 7 am I was 5 cm, 9 am still 5 cm and 11:30 still 5 cm... urgg at 11, the babies heart rate dropped, it was scary, I was sleeping on my side, the nurse rolled me over, and found the heart rate, he had dropped into my pelvis further causing his heart rate to drop, they then put a scalp monitor on him... then at 11:15 and 11:20 his heart rate dropped again!!! I was histerical!!! they paged the doctor he examined me and said the baby was facing the wrong way, and in distress and since I had stalled at 5 cm that they were doing a c-section!! so he came out via section at 12:21, I was supposed to be released yesterday but my bp was still high so they made us stay an extra day.. anyways we are finally home today and my little guy is perfect!!! he weighed in at 7lbs 13 oz..Anyways good luck to all other moms!!! Kim


DDT - February 13

Congrats on your little boy KimS!! You must have been SO freaked out when his heart rate started dropping. I'm glad you are both healthy and happy. Have fun with your little one! How overdue were you, or were you at all?


dedaa - February 14

KimS-Yeah! Congrats to you on becoming a mommy. Im so happy for you. Your birth sounds a bit like mine. My bp was low though. I hope you are enjoying your time with your new little man and im sure dh is some happy at becoming a father. I guess we will meet over on the infant care forum. Good Luck and take it easy.


KimS - February 14

Hey guys thanks!! DDt I wasn't overdue, my due date was today actually!!! they induced me due to high bp... Dedaa dh is being awesome he is so good at this and I can't imagine doing this without him... when is your dh back? and when are heading back to NF? Kim


Justine1 - February 15

Congrats on your little man Kim. Glad everything turned out well. Sorry to hear you had a scary labour. With my first child I had a 27.5 hour labour and then they said they were going to do a c-section as the baby's heartrate was dropping - argh - but thankfully she came out then with 3 pushes. What fun labour is but you get a lovely baby at the end so its worth it!



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