Longest Fastest Delivery Ever

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NewPage - September 26

So I just got home from the hospital. I went in on Monday for what was supposed to be an induction done over 3 days, my cervix was checked when I first got there and I was at 1cm 70% effaced. I was expecting to go in that morning, be released 4 hours later, come back the next day do it again and then on the third day I was supposed to be induced. Well, after being there a couple of hours my water broke... then I was told no it didnt there is no way. About an hour later they did the tests and apparently I'm not an idiot and my water had broke. Well for the next 2 1/2 hours I was STILL waiting to be admitted but because as this was my first child they thought that I could wait and wasnt a top priority so others who were on 2nd or third children were passing me up for rooms. That entire 2 1/2 hours was basically one long ass contraction I seriously just wanted to die, but once again because it was my first they didnt even check me in or check my cervix and just thought that I was overexagerating. Well I finally got admitted they gave me a shot of some drug to "take the edge off" because it hurt so bad and I just wanted an epidural. All this drug did was make it impossible for me to function. It still hurt like h__l I just couldnt understand anything and was dizzy. So remember that at this point they still havent checked my cervix again. After a good few minutes of me begging for an epidural they finally called the guy, it took him about 10 minutes to get there, about 10 minutes to get it in all the while I was telling the nurse that I really couldnt stop myself from pushing and she was telling me that because there was no way I was dialated that much that it would just hurt the baby if I did. As soon as the guy finished with the epi she checked me, found that I was 10 cm, and started yelling at me to start pushing becauses she baby's heartbeat was dropping really fast, but couldnt get that across to me as she had just pounded it into my drugged up head that I would hurt my baby if I did. Well DH had been kicked out of the room for me to get the epi and he rushed back in when he heard nurses yelling about mine and babys vitals dropping, he told me to push so I finally got it, 3 or 4 pushes and she was out. All together... I was in labor for just a bit under 3 hours... and my epidural finally kicked in about 20 minutes AFTER she was born but because it was only stared and not all of the meds or whatever were started in it, it slighty numbed my thighs so not enough to take the pain away from the ordeal that I had just been through. Well, this is my baby's story, she was 6 pounds 4 ounces when born, absolutely adorable and I would do it all over again anytime. As much as it sucked it was so worth it. I may not have posted all that much over the past 9 months but you all have been great as far as answering all of the questions I have had and giving advise when I was just to frustrated to think. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone... good luck with everything!!!


Mrs.Steve - September 26

Wow, congrats! What a story! I would have been really upset at not being taken seriously. I'm glad that you and baby are doing great. We can all only hope for such a speedy labor and delivery. Enjoy your little girl!


staci - September 26

Congratulations newpage! What a birth story that was!!!


sarah21 - September 27

Congratulations! I hope I get a quick labor...


Tory1980 - September 27

Good Lord that was fast! LOL! As for the drug it was probably pethedine by your reaction to it and it shouldn't have been given without checking you first as it can cause major breathing problems with the baby if given too late in labour - it can even cause still birth. The midwives were the same with my first - they knew better. Told me to come in and get checked since I was 34weeks. Hooked me up to a monitor and buggered off (without even looking at the readout) came in about 30mins later, checked the monitor and nearlly died when they saw I was having regular contractions every three mins. They checked me and I was 6cms and my waters had gone! Sometimes they don't know best! Congratulations on your baby girl! May this labour go as quick! LOL!


DaBonkElsMe - September 27

CONGRATULATIONS!! Wish doctors could learn to LISTEN TO US!!! sometimes we know what are bodies are telling us! Anyway, glad it all worked out in the end!!


falafal0 - September 29

Congratulations. My first was just over 5 hours and they too gave me pethedine way too late. Made me feel exactly the same as you. Be aware though that your labours may get faster. My second was just over 2 hours, my third 45 minutes born in our car and our fourth 25 minutes with DH delivering. With this baby due in 8 weeks, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Liek your one lon contraction, that is exactly what I go through. Major BH at the end, then basically an instant contraction with no break until baby is born. Waters break though jsut before baby comes out. Yeah...Because of the fast labours and the instant almost dilation, I went through the midwifery home birth (even though she missed it by ten minutes) and this time I have three of them, hopefully one of them will make it! Next time be VERY firm with whoever you get either at home or a hospital. Hopefully next time with proof of a fast first birth they'll listen next time!


NewPage - September 30

Yeah my doctor called me yesterday to check on me and she didnt say what the name was of the drug that they gave me, but she told me that it was a sedative, the only thing they told me at the time when they gave it to me was that it would "take the edge off". Apparently they thought that after I got the epidural i would have time to sleep and they thought it would put me out. Well it worked!!! Falafal - I thought that a few hours was way too fast to dialate, I can't imagine shortening that to so little as 25 min, I never had any bh contractions strong enough to feel though so I got lucky there. . How in the world did you deal with that? even at 3 hours the pain was so bad it took everything I had not to throw up... I think if my next is this bad I will give up on having children, it's totally worth it to have her but I seriously went into the whole thing completely unafraid of labor as odd as that might sound and now I can't imagine going through that again. I really hope someone makes it to your next one, I think I would be nervous to do it without a prefessional there... but then again I guess at this point you kinda are.


falafal0 - October 1

I didn't deal with it - it was a violent labour if you could call it that. Even now at nearly 33 weeks my BH are very uncomfortable and ocasionaly have atistch like pain to them - nothihng at all really like it was a couple of weeks before giving birth. My midwives say that I am in labour without knowing it then I suddenly go to the third stage andboom. Which is right. All of a sudden the contrations start and it's one long contraction. The pain is unbearable as you well know. I think if I had te choice of a long labour with regular contraction I DEFINATELY woul go with pain relief, but when there's no choice, what can you do eh? I must say though with just DH and myself at the last labour (midwife missed it by just ten minutes. she was speeding down the freeway!) it was the most aweseom, spiritual connective experience we've ever encountered. When we talk about it we get teary. Just being in that room together, it was something you couldn't describe. DH had shut the door because I was making too much noise he said (fancy that!) and he told me what to do, the works. We'd talk honestly about what we'd do if we had to do it by ourselves and I jsut made sure that he was aware to REALLY make sure to yell at me not to push when the head was out so I didn't rip. In my state, my body kind of takes over and I find it difficult to control the contraction at all. As you do. But we also made sure to talk about the cord, which it turne dout was around bub's head but he hooked his finger in and lifted it up without telling me otherwise he said I might have panicked - how right he was. Bub came out and didn't move. I lifted myself up to have a look and he was just laying looking so incredibly small. For about 3 seconds I freaked, then said get a towel, rub him down and tried to prop myself up to pick him up to get him warm. By the time DH had gone to the bathroom for towels and I'd propped myself up (all of 5 seconds) he lifted him up out of the fluid and as soon as he was touched he yelled - the most BEAUTIFUL sound for us. WHat the hell would we have done?! Called the midwife but at least we knew she as on her way. So apart from that quick story, I am so glad everything worked for you. And yes, i am atually nervous again about not having anyone there, simply because if something DOES go awry, they know what to do. The SECOND I feel any kind of pain with the BH I'm calling the midwife. This time around, something I've never done, is I'm going to be asked to get checked internally at each check up from now on, just to see where I am. Wish me luck. This will my last child too. Physcially I can not do it anymore. My body is falling apart and i think I've done my part if popluating the world! :-) Enjoy your little treasure...



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