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Stressin Too Much - August 12

Can a few people give me their age and month they conceived and boy or girl if you already know just so I can ease my mind with this stupid chinese birth chart. Please help me out. I want to put some other people's age and conceive month to see if they show what their supposed to have. All my baby's clothes were pretty much given to me so I have no way of exchanging them if I end up having a girl. I would love her just as much dont get me wrong, I'd be just as happy. But I"ve gotten so wrapped up in and streesed out about this birth chart thing that I'm starting to worry. Anyone who wants to help please do so I dont go crazy!!!


J - August 12

Age: 24 Month Conceived: January I'm having a girl. The chinese chart says I should be having a boy. I think the chart is about as accurate as heartrate and things like that. Nothing can determine what you're having, except an ultrasound! Good Luck!


Kristin - August 12

I just turned 20 2 days ago.I conceived in November, the chart said i was having a girl but i am actually having a boy!


Alma - August 12

I'm 27 and conceived in November. According to the lunar chart I should be having a girl, but a few ultrasounds later, it is still a boy!


Robyn - August 12

Im 20 and concieved in january so acording to the chart I am supposed to be having a girl...It was half right! LOL Twins one boy one girl...lol


s - August 12

I'm 28 (but 27 when conceived) and I conceived in December and it's a girl.


Amanda - August 12

I am 26, conceived in January, I am having a girl, it says I am supposed to have a boy...I also have a 4 year old son, i concieved him when i was 21 in April, it said I was supposed to have a girl.


Amber M. - August 12

35 weeks, having a boy & conceived late december.


h - August 12

I am 31 conceived in February. The chart said I was having a boy. I am having a boy:) Don't stress too much. Everything always figures itself out in the end.


Lori - August 12

I'm 27, conceived in December and I'm having a girl. The chinese calendar was correct for me.


Babygirls1st - August 12

Conceived @ 28yrs in December the chart said it was a boy, I am having a boy.


Missy - August 12

Age 20 when conceived - conceived in January - chart said girl and 3 ultrasounds agree - BUT - everyone says I am carrying like I am having a boy so in 7 weeks we'll see. I wil have another US done in 2 weeks so I will post again there if anything changes....Good luck!


Jennifer - August 12

Age 28 Concieved in March. I'm having a boy. I did two different chinese charts.One chart said I was having a boy and one said a girl


worked for - August 12

me too. I am hoping its wrong this time cuz I really want a boy!


Girl - August 12

Conceived April 2004 when I was 19...had a girl


Jane - August 12

Conceived at age 29 in December, says I'm having a girl and according to 20wk u/s that is correct. However, everyone says I'm carrying a boy...don't even look pregnant from the backside...will find out soon enough!


Sindel - August 12

I was 24 when I conceived in late dec, my lunar age was 25 and it said boy and according to the u/s its a boy.



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