Looking For Feedback On Arm S Reach Co Sleeper

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Melanie - February 1

Has anyone used the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper? I was completely set on getting it, since I love the idea of having the little miss right there at bedside and to facilitate nighttime feedings. I like being able to later use is as a play yard, too. I've been reading reviews, which range from "Love it and couldn't possibly have lived without it" to "Difficult to assemble, adjust the bars, and not worth the $$$". So now I'm just not sure anymore. My mom and dad offered to purchase it for us.....I'd just like to hear from others who have had either positive or negative experiences with it before we decide whether or not to go for it. Thanks much!


lmrod55 - February 1

LOVE IT. We used it with our daughter and it was great!- and will use it with this baby as well. Hubby does complain about putting it together - but he always seems to get everything in place without too much ha__sle. I really like that it attaches to the bed - no way for it to tip over.


melissa - February 1

i was extremely gung ho to get this -- until our trip to Babies R Us and I talked to the salesperson and she said, DONT get it! I asked her why and she said the side rail is very hard to adjust up and down, and she had me watch out of the corner of my eye this couple who were trying to maneuver it for 10 minutes without success. I ended up getting the Graco Travel Crib (mini pack n play thingy). So our baby will be in there for the first 3 months or so and then move into the crib.


Shawna - February 1

I just got one several weeks ago (the "Mini"), and although we haven't used it yet (not due until late March), I can already see that it is not as difficult for my husband and I to adjust as so many reviews made it out to be. We raised and lowered the bar easily, it set up with ease, and it fits beside our bed perfectly. I honestly don't see what all the fuss was about on the review sites, unless there is just that much difference between individual units or between people's ability to a__semble. Now, I did get the Mini model, which doesn't turn into a play-yard but is just a co-sleeper or regular ba__sinet. I heard it is easier to a__semble, but even the reviews I read for this model kept saying "Too hard! I almost threw it out the window!" while many other reviews praised it! I suppose everyone is different, and we can't know until we try it ourselves. I can see already that I am going to enjoy the co-sleeper, and that it will be perfect for nursing the baby and keeping a VERY close eye on her breathing at night.


Annette - February 1

I don´t have my baby yet, but we bought the mini, didn´t find hard to a__semble or disa__semble, fits perfectly next to my bed and the Gerber ba__sinet sheets fit ok. The one and only reason for which I regret buying it is because the Graco was WAY cheaper and cuter, but otherwise I see nothing wrong with it.



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