Looking For Opinions On Due Calculation By Doctor

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michelle - December 7

Okay, I will be 36 weeks Friday. According to my doctor I am due on Jan. 7th. The calculation used was my LMP putting conception date at April 16th. I argued this early in my pregnancy, because I took a hpt test on April 19th and got a very strong positive. My last LMP was very short and irregular and I thought I conceived tow weeks prior. Anyways, my question is how likely do you think it is to conceive on April 16th, and get a very strong positive hpt result on the 19th? Any ideas?


leeza - December 8

Michelle, did they ever do an ultrasound? An u/s early in pregnancy (8-16 weeks) can be very accurate in dating the pregnancy--like by a few days. If the never did one, I don't know what to tell you other than how your uterus is measuring?


tinkerbell - December 8

I had also told my doctor this and they compared my ulrasound results with my due date early in the preganancy. Do you remember what your ultrasound results were?


Ready too - December 8

I am in the exact same boat as you are Michelle...My conception date according to the doc is April 17th, I am due Jan 8th. My last period was very short and light...only about 2 days! But he insists...any news for you...how is the baby measuring?


michelle - December 8

They did an ultrasound at 10 weeks, and baby measured about 5 days ahead. They said they don't change the due date unless it is a week or more. However I have continuously measured 2 weeks ahead. Last appt. I measured at almost 38 cm. I would just like to know which date to look forward to, you know? I have my internal next week, so maybe she will be able to tell more then. Sigh..... another week, lol.


Ready Too - December 9

I go in for an ultrsound today to make sure all is good...I lost my mucus plug this morning...eeww...so not too much longer as far I can tell and I have been telling the doc since day one that she will come before January....they just do not like to listen...good luck Michelle...sounds like you are 2 weeks further than doc thinks ....but hey, even if you carry to his due date...it's only like being a little over...lol...yeah I know...I would prefer a little early over a little late any day! :).


michelle - December 9

Hey Ready too, let me know how your ultrasound turns out today! Wish my appt was today. Good luck!


Ready too - December 9

Ultrasound came back good, baby is using her daiphram a lot...practicing her breathing...She is small but then all my babies are...my first was only 5.6 and my second was 6.7...I am guessing she will be just over 5 like my first....It is all a waiting game now...


Lena - December 9

Do you remember when your period before that one begun? Sometimes you have bleeding at the time of your regular period, but are already pregnant. That's when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, and the bleeding is usually short lived, and light. I don't think any hpt would detect a pregnancy just 4 days after conceiving. The earliest would be at least 5 days before your next period is supposed to start.



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