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meg - November 13

Hello ladies. I belong over on the 1st tri board, as I am only 8 weeks. However, I have a question/concern that I am hoping to get some advice to! Over the weekend I was craving McDonalds soft serve ice cream (don't ask me why, I've never even had it before!), & I had it on 2 separate occasions. Well, I was just surfing around on the internet & came across a few sites that said you should avoid soft serve while pg., because it can cause listeria. Anyone here eat soft serve w/ no complications? Any reassurance would be great...thanks!


Jilloh - November 13

Meg you should be fine. I am sure we all eat something that is on the no no list every now and again (not suggesting that soft serve is a no no--ask your doctor that). I know that lunch meat is a no no for bacteria reasons but sometimes that is what I have to eat. I know that soft cheeses are out but for my birthday a few weeks ago when I ordered a side salad at the restaurant it came back with some feta cheese on it....I ate it anyway. You should be ok. Just talk with your doctor.


margie - November 13

i have eating soft serve, never heard anything about it being bad until right now...no problems at all from anything ive eaten...i have also had soft cheese like feta because i didnt know...no problems....ive had cold cuts, hot dogs, you name it and ive had no problems at all, dont worry mama, your baby is going to be fine. ive been through all the worries in the book and still occasionally but it does get easier, the first trimester is a scary time, but just take care of yourself the best you can, thats all you can do. good luck! :-)


DaBonkElsMe - November 13

So I have been eating soft serve throughout the pregnancy - no problems to speak of! And just about every pregnant woman I know has done the same - they all have healthy children now! I also have been eating plenty cold cuts (without heating them up) and just McDonald's food alone is probably just as bad!! We don't think twice about that though do we. In talking to my doctor and in doing my own research I have found that these "risky" foods are often such a minor risk that most doctors don't even mention them to pregnant patients. In fact the ONLY things my doctors have EVER told me not to have while pregnant are alcohol and raw food. That's it (of course cigarettes and drugs are obvious no-nos). Not one doctor in my practice has mentioned a single other food or drink beyond that. The way I see it, if it's all that risky or dangerous, doctors would be pounding it into our heads! You're fine and your baby is fine - don't stress and good luck!


evae777 - November 13

i had the same worry about cheese and listeria, too much reading... my doc told me that he has only known of one person that got it and they lived in a far off country. the chances are less than 1% or something. don't worry, i eat junk all the time and soft serve... everything is fine!


tish212 - November 14

meg- listeria is caused by unpasturized or not properly pasturized dairy or lunch meats. mcdonalds soft serve machine automatically pasturizes the icecream....when they pour in the mix it heats it up to boiling for like 15 minutes then cools it back down. they also say not to eat lunch meats b/c they too can cause it.... but as long as u heat up the meat b4 u eat it there is no chance the bacteria can survive. I am licensed in food safety and they do pound it in our head that listeria is dangerous and can cause sponataneous miscarriage....but honestly it is only found in highly unclean establishments. I ate lunch meats throughout this pregnancy b/c I was craving sandwhiches, as long as u buy ur food from respectable places u will be fine. plus if u search the internet u will find sites against almost any food....ur fine eating mcdonalds softserve...if their machine can't reach the proper temp it shuts its self down and they can't serve it....so relax..I know first tri is frightening every little thing scares u....but don't let it stress u out. (i know its hard not to but trust me everything will be fine) :)



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